First post. My loveliest sister Liz set this blog up for me a few months ago and, honestly, I have just been to scared to get it started. I started reading and following a few blogs only about 6 months ago, so I am very new to the game. The ones I am most interested in have to do with design, home decor, crafts, diy, and fashion. I am not sure yet how to focus all of my varied interests into this one little space, so it is destined to change quite a bit and possibly be somewhat crazy. I am a high school art teacher and I have about four more weeks until i go back to work, so i am going to see how much i can get into this as a daily routine before then. Right now I assume I am the only one that will be reading any of these posts but I plan on reaching out to some of my fave bloggers to get some tips on how to get organized and do all the fun stuff.
i promise it will get better. xo.

above pretty image found here.

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