new in the shop

Some new garlands up in the heart&craft shop. Get em while they're hot!

I know I've been quiet around here but no worries, I have been very busy. Working, updating the shop, wedding planning (getting so close) and a lovely weekend away with the girls has kept my schedule packed. I stayed in today to rest, recover from a cold, and get my head back on straight. Busy weeks ahead.


color collective

So today realized that I must have been living under a rock all this time because a customer from my shop just introduced me to color collective. oh. my. god. I have never seen such beauty! It is genius and it makes me want to run into my studio and start painting or sewing garlands! Thank you Erica for the tip!


kindly reply

After months of sketching, planning, wording, printing, stamping, and sealing- our wedding invitations are finally finished. We are so happy with the results and were so relieved to finally send these on their way to our friends and family. It was exhausting but we know it was worth it. 2 months.

*all designs and printing were done by my fiance and I at home to save cost
**we had our lovely custom address rubber stamp made by primele.

wednesday wish list

The most perfectly worn and weathered ankle boots, the avanzato by Aldo. Perfect and even on sale, but unfortunately (or fortunately for my wallet) sold out in my size.


Love notes

Happy Valentine's Day! We don't make a big fuss about the day, I guess because we make an effort to treat each other well and enjoy each others company on a regular basis. We have gotten into a routine over the past few years, however, of making fettuccine alfredo and homemade cards for one another. Cards have been exchanged and as I am writing this I am sipping wine and dinner is being prepared for me. I feel very lucky. Extremely lucky to know this guys is my valentine for the rest of my life.

I also will reveal a bit of the nerd in me by sharing my excitement for these NPR valentines I stumbled across today. Each one is better than the last. Enjoy.



Tonight is full of stacks of paper, envelopes, twine, and stamps. Also some pizza, season 4 of Weeds and a couple of beers to aid the packing process. Then a few more nights of addressing and these wedding invitations will be on their way out into the world! We have been working what feels like non-stop between school, work, the shop, and the wedding. Now I know why people go on honeymoons.


simple silhouettes

I love the cuts and shapes found in etsy shop, Vain and Vapid. Not too mention the lovely colors and fabric used.


New in the shop. Spring-inspired mini-shapes garlands in greys, greens, lilacs, whites, and blacks. A soft way to ring in the season that we are all desperately awaiting.


art for arts sake

Lately I have been gifted and have ordered several lovely prints for our home. It feels nice to be on etsy and be able to support other artists. It also feels nice to add some lovely art to our home. Here is the latest addition, on the way to find its place on our walls.
archer, by jessica rae gordon.