long weekend

Friday did not feel like it could get here fast enough. Between snow days causing us to lose all of our teacher workdays, progress reports going home today, and being an itsy bit sick.. this week has been rough. But that is ok because I am taking Monday off!! I deserve it and it is still a month before our spring break so I am giving myself permission to relax for a day. I will probably need it by Monday as I will be helping my sister move all weekend.
Looking forward to some sunnier days...

milla from here.


alexa chung for madewell

Ok so we all know we won't look nearly as cool as the stylish brit just because we put on her designs, but it's worth a try...

coming fall 2010.



happy birthday justin!!!

Happy birthday to the most wonderful guy I know. It has been a pleasure to celebrate the last 5 with you and I look forward to all we have ahead! I love you!



It's finally here! It is my day to join so many other creative people in the blog.it.forward mashup. Thanks so much to Victoria for hosting this and to hashai for sending it my way from her post last Friday. Tomorrow's post will jump to Lehua of Heart on My Sleeve, whose blog I have enjoyed perusing lately, so be sure to check her post out. And now to it, what inspires me (in as small a space as I can fit it):
Midcentury Modern Design in all of it's streamlined glory,
especially when it can live in harmony with something rustic,

and understated Scandinavian design, especially when done in a white on white color scheme.

Oh, and beautiful lettering:

like these from designer Jessica Hische,

and even better when they are hand-drawn and accompanied by beautiful illustrations like these from Rifle Paper Co.

I am also inexplicably inspired by garlands and banners

it is amazing how much joy I can find in some scraps of paper or fabric.

Lastly, I am inspired to create and spend more time in the studio when I see beautiful hand-thrown ceramics like
those of eva zeisel
and edith heath.

There is so much more to be inspired by and I am happy to say it would take years to share all of it! That is really what this space is for me on a daily basis, so I hope you will stop back by.

Also, check out these other bloggers that are also posting their inspirations today as part of this mash-up:
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all you need is sun!

FINALLY.... a sunny (warm at 50 degrees) weekend in North Carolina! And to celebrate around here we are enjoying some lovely light-filled photos from maryruffles.

Oh and don't forget to check back on Monday for my blogitforward post, hosted by Victoria of sfgirlbybay.



I am so jealous of Victoria of sfgirlbybay right now! She is in sunny Palm Springs, CA for modernism week. Modernism Week! I didn't even know such a wonderful thing existed. Symposiums, lectures, and house tours all on one of my favorite things in the world. All while I am stuck in cold NC teaching teenagers... awesome. At least she has shared some great photos for all of us less fortunate to enjoy...


wednesday wish list

Some airy spring selections by Steven Allan. These light pieces could be layered now and easily transitioned into warmer weather with sandals and shorts.
Carly Tank Organic.
Zia Top.

Spring Sullivan Dress.
Sam Sweater.
Spring Heddy Shirt.

Oh how comfy these would be on a warm, breezy day. Can you tell I am sick of this never-ending winter?

On a fun note, I picked these up today. Pretty close to my original wish list pick, huh?



Some of our really close friends are expecting their first child and I am so excited for them. If I had children right now I would want absolutely all of their toys to come from Romp. I hope my friends won't be mad if I only give them wooden, somewhat old-fashioned toys on their child's birthday. No video games and personal dvd players here. Hah, easier said than done I guess.
above: art treasure sack.

pencil tree.
eames house of cards.
wood camera.


clear headed

Sorry for the lack of posts around here, but I finally feel like the in the last week the fog has been lifted. It is as if my new year did not start until February 8th and the goals and resolutions I had set for myself could not be put into motion until now. And some of those goals need to be revisited and revised. I am feeling some balance between work and life and creative pursuits, but I guess my blog suffered the new found freedom this week. It is funny how letting go of a few things really opens you up to enjoy more, but at the same time I am still a perfectionist and want to be able to fit everything in, especially my time here. I have been thinking and collecting my thoughts for this and just need to take some time to sit down and do it. Until then (February 22), I will be getting back into my routine here.

New:new year's resolution #1:
1. enjoy my job, the more i can enjoy it the better i can be at it.