the weekend

Long weekends are usually always great and this one was no exception. Along with optimal relaxing and eating, I also managed to fit in::
A productive trip to the farmers market,
An awesome girls day with my mom and sisters, filled with food, shopping, and pampering;

and a lovely cookout at our place with beloved friends, lots of drinks, and some delicious food. I couldn't have asked for more.


happy long weekend!

Here's hoping your long weekend is relaxing, laughing, crafting, and loving!
Ours started out with thunderstorms but will hopefully clear up today for girls day activities and possibly a pool or cookout tomorrow. Enjoy!

my make-believe picnic from here.


summer sandals

Well it has been another long, brain out of commission kind of week. I know the end of the school year is near and the thought of long summer days and free time to be creative is the only thing keeping me going right now. I am looking forward to putting away my work wardrobe and slipping into some more comfortable, stylish summer duds. And I think all of these sandals and wedges would pass the test. I can see late nights, picnics, fireworks, and cookouts on the deck in these.

One and two from madewell.
Option three from anthropologie.


shop update

After long hours of photos, editing, packaging, and uploading- my etsy shop is finally updated! I have had so much fun making these gift tags and have some more paper goods to hopefully load soon. Please take a look, heart the shop, send me a message, or make an order!

Countdown to summer: 3 weeks until full time crafting- woohoo!



Thank god it's the weekend. My health is finally on the upswing after two weeks and I am able to get out and enjoy the days off finally. Got some new clothes and a new bike today, unfortunately it has been raining for hours so no leisurely rides as of yet. I can feel summer creeping its way in and in just a few short weeks I will able to fully embrace it! Now that is worth celebrating!


trailer banks

How cute are these miniature trailer banks? They would make a great gift for that hard to buy-for guy or for friends on the move. They also have magnets and little card holders, all found here.


sneak peek

So I know I failed on getting new product listed in the shop this weekend, but life happens and family comes first so it has taken a bit longer than expected. But I got some shots taken today and here is a little sneak peek of what I have been working on. It's all paper and I have been loving it. Lot's more work to do but fingers crossed that this weekend I can list.


braid raid

Lately I've been wishing I had long wavy locks that I could sweep up in braids all around my head. Around the top, across the side, or down the middle of my back- but I still need a few good inches to pull of these style. I do need to learn how to french braid (is that even possible at 25?) so I can pull together some easy, perfectly-tousled up-dos on those fast-paced mornings. Maybe a youtube tutorial will do the trick.

scallop dress

We have a wedding to go to next month and I think in the hot June sun this ballet-slipper-hued dress would be a perfect option. So sweet and demure and just fun enough for the summer. Heels for a wedding and woven flats for the rest of the days. Yes, I am ready for summer and all of the fun outfits that come with it.



The week that is. The week that felt like it would never end yet simultaneously flew by. Major fail on here this week but if you had had a week anything like mine or had luckily enough gotten sick during the last hours of it, you would be posting from bed as well. Just hoping a few hours of sleep and tv time will refresh me for the weekend. Lots of crafting, gardening, eating, and planning to be done this weekend. Hope yours is just lovely!


etsy faves: Three Blue Bee

Recently found these adorable crocheted beads on Three Blue Bee's etsy shop. They are soft and sweet and exactly what I want to make my summer necklaces out of on a long piece of leather or twine. They actually remind me a lot of these and they are super affordable so I could definitely fashion something up. Sister- are you getting this? Jewelry time soon!
And these precious handmade bags they come in make them even more irresistible.

PS- new products in the Heart&Craft shop this weekend!


to the best

Happy Mothers Day to the best mom ever ever. You are even cooler now than you were back then (I think the four of us have something to do with that).


saint cupcake

Mrs. Bliss posted the most glorious photos she took of Saint Cupcake Deluxe... a delicious looking bakery and party supply shop in Portland. I seriously think I could live in this place. The colors, patterns, and modern decor are exactly where I want to hangout in the springtime.

And the best part? Mrs. Bliss is hosting a monthly Saint Cupcake giveaway where you can enter to have some of these beauties delivered right to your door. Makes me want to break out some muffin pans and sprinkles this weekend.

lisa congdon

Stumbled upon the artwork of Lisa Congdon recently on etsy and I am especially smitten with her animal portraits. It is nothing new for me to share some bird artwork but I also really love the whale and some of her abstract work. I am so scared to use these highly saturated colors in my own work but I think she pulls it off beautifully.


the food

Even though the food in the garden isn't quite ready yet (except for some delicious spinach) we have still been enjoying some awesome veggies lately. Two weeks ago I made a roasted vegetable tian with onions, peppers, tomatoes, squash, zuchinni, garlic, parmesan, and breadcrumbs. It was fairly easy and made a great addition to our Thursday night potluck with friends.
Last week for potluck I needed to go super easy and ended up making a big salad and steaming some mini artichokes as an appetizer. I mixed up a couple of dips like garlic butter and a yummy balsamic-mayo topped with rosemary.


wednesday wish list

In love with the subtle color and textures on these soda fired vessels by Dustin Yager as seen at ashes and milk.

And while you're there check out these amazing birds by Claire Redor. This site is definitely on my bookmarks!


the garden

I have been really enjoying watching everything sprout up and come to life in our yard. I need to get out and do some good weeding this week, but here are some updates on the garden:

Spinach is ready!
The sage has blossomed.
The swiss chard is making a colorful entrance.
And we even have fresh flora. As Martha would say, it's a good thing.
In the next few weeks we should be able to harvest some radishes, okra, beans, and peas. Oh and the one carrot that decided to grow. The tomato and pepper plants are also in the ground but still a few weeks out. More updates to come.