new years eve diy's

I've been busy crafting over the last couple of days to help a friend get ready for her new years eve bash. I came up with a few different party hat styles that I wanted to share with you here.
The first was quick and easy and used dollar store cardboard party hats, vinyl stickers, silver spray paint, and colorful wire garland- all of which I already had at home. I simply placed the stickers "2012" on the center of the hat, painted silver, and hot glued some garland around the bottom. How easy is that? Initially I had wanted to take off the stickers and let the colorful hat pattern show through but after painted I loved how the silver numbers looked so much that I kept them.

The second hat style took a bit longer but was equally easy. For this one you'll need card stock, scissors or an x-acto knife, spray adhesive, glitter, hot glue gun, tape, elastic string and some sparkly tinsel. I took one of the leftover pre-bought hats and took it apart to make a template (I will add it here later for your use!) Here's what I did next (click photo for a larger view):
  1. Trace your pre-bought part hat onto the card stock of your choice. If you are using a 2-sided paper make sure to trace on the back- mine was shimmery on one side. OR you can download my pdf and print the party hat image directly onto the back of your cardstock.
  2. Cut out hat shape. The "x's" are where you will tape your elastic onto the inside of the hat so don't cut those.
  3. Fold (roll) the hat into shape and slide the tabs on the left side into the opening on the right. I then applied some tape to the inside to hold it together and then added a few dots of hot glue under the seams.
  4. Apply spray mount to the very top of your hat for an ombre glitter look or all over for more sparkle- should probably do this outside.
  5. Sprinkle on your glitter and shake excess off onto a piece of paper.
  6. Use your hot glue gun to add tinsel around the bottom of your hat.
  7. Party and enjoy!
I also made some sparkly drink stirs (seen at top) with the leftover tinsel by simply wrapping small sections of it to bamboo skewers and securing with a dot of hot glue. I hope your New Years Eve is full of fun and sparkle!


gift diy: monogrammed ipad sleeve

I wanted to share with you guys one of the diy gifts I made for some friends and family. I adjusted the ipad measurements to also fit a kindle for each of my sisters- super easy and everyone loved them! I somewhat followed the instructions from this tutorial but simplified materials and added the initial stencil for each of the recipients. Here's what you'll need:
  • Adhesive-backed felt sheets (mine were 9"x12" packs from Wal-Mart)
  • Lightweight material for inside lining
  • Rotary cutter or scissors
  • Cutting mat and ruler
  • Matching thread
  • Letter stencils
  • Gold (or any color) paint and stencil brush
  • Sewing machine
Here's what you do (following the photos clockwise):
  • Cut all of your pieces to size (leaving the inside lining material slightly smaller). Your felt and lining should be cut to about two inches larger (length and width) than the device you are planning to fit into it. I simply googled the dimensions for each of mine.
  • Pull the adhesive paper off the back of the felt BUT it works best for sewing if you leave a small strip of paper on the two sides and bottom. This way the adhesive won't stick to your sewing machine- unfortunately I learned this the hard way.
  • Place lining fabric face up on the back of the felt and smooth down to the adhesive. Leave about an inch of room at the top for folding over for a seam. Now fold that seam over.
  • Repeat this with your other piece of felt and lining to create the back of your sleeve.
I didn't get photos of the actual sewing process, which is probably best due to my severe lack of skills in sewing anything except paper garlands. Here is what you'll do for the sewing portion:
  • Sew each of the top seams over.
  • Place your front and back pieces together FELT to FELT side. This will make your bag inside out. Sew the two sides and bottom together.
  • Flip this inside out and viola- your sleeve is made! Pull the corners out square, cut any loose strings, and flatten (or iron if your patient).
Lastly I added a stencil monogram onto the front of each for a personalized touch. I used a gold paint that is supposed to mimic gold foil but you could really use any craft or fabric paint. (The photos below are from a different set of bags so the colors/fabric are different)
  • Tape your stencil down so it won't move.
  • Use your stencil brush to apply paint and allow to dry before trying to move the stencil.
  • Admire your work!
You can easily make one of these in under an hour or quite a few in an afternoon. My loved ones really liked theirs so I will probably be making more in the future. Have fun crafting!


tis the season to sparkle!

As New Years Eve gets closer I am getting excited for the sequins, glitter, and sparkly decorations to come! I have already started on some of my own shimmery diy's and here are a few of my favorite inspirations for the occasion:shimmery garlands from martha stewart
a classic top hat in glittery gold.
cone party favors from you are my fave.tinsel numbers also from m.s.

top image: confetti invitations, also from you are my fave.


sneak peak: gifts

I have the best family and this year they really outdid themselves on gift giving. About half of the gifts given and received at my parents house this year were handmade and that really made my heart smile. I'll share some of the diy gifts I did later this week but for now here is a little peak at some of the goodies I got to take home.
1. an amazing set of packaging and crafting supplies from my mr. that I mentioned here, 2. handmade feather arrows by my lovely older sister, 3. handmade amazing nc art by my lovely little sister and parents, 4. a cookbook that I can't wait to use- it follows the best local foods by season!

Thank you so much to my family for the sweet gifts, but even more for the time we got to share this Christmas!!


happy holidays from the jacksons

Happy Holidays! Merry {day after} Christmas! Seasons Greetings!

It has been a hectic, busy, frantic, crazy, overwhelming, and insane holiday season for us. We packed in more with orders, shows, work, and school than ever before and now know that we will have to do a little better with time management next year if we want to be so involved in so many things! Lesson learned! That said, it's been a great time with family, friends, projects, and products, and our FIRST Christmas as a married couple was awesome!

Here is the card we sent out to some of our nearest and dearest:
Now that the busiest days are over I am looking forward to a few days off to do some major cleaning and organizing around our house (which is a wreck), relax a bit, and clear our minds and agendas in preparation for big plans for 2012. Cheers!


happy anniversary mom and dad!

Happy Anniversary to the two people who showed me how great a marriage can be, how special family is, and how fulfilling life can become with a supportive, loving, rock of a spouse. You two are each others perfect match, that puzzle piece, and you guys are the reason I was so excited, so confident, and so full of joy on my own wedding day! Thank you for showing me, through your own example, how it is supposed to work, I love you!


weekend: rockin and shoppin

A busy Saturday meant the last of our markets for 2011 and man was it a big one! We spent the day in Durham, NC at the lovely Motorco Music Building selling our wares for the Rock & Shop Market. The venue was great (they also had vendors in the Trotter Building and Fullsteam Brewery), but the best part was all of the great locals we met and chatted with and getting to spend the evening with some friends in Durham.

After the show we hooked back up with Andy and Nicole from APK Printworks and Un Original Americain and Sarah and Alec of Shed Letterpress. We got to kick it at Sarah's studio, see her Heidelberg in action (amazing!) and then had dinner down the road at Geer St. All in all the day was a huge success and ton of fun and I actually woke up on Sunday relaxed because I realized I could clean and wrap gifts-- finally. Success!MotorCo.Set up.After party.Heidelberg beast.


gearing up for Rock and Shop

Things are getting busy (ok they've been busy) around here and we are gearing up for the Rock & Shop Market this weekend. We'll be selling our goods in Durham along with 100+ other artists, listening to some great music, and hopefully enjoying a beer and taking in the rest of the sights at the market. I was reminded by another blogger's post today that it is easy to get wrapped up in the craziness and complain about being so busy this time of year so I am vowing to be EXCITED about all of the work we've been getting, the projects we've been involved in, and most especially the opportunity to celebrate with our friends and family. It really is the most wonderful time of the year!


wednesday wishlist: scents

I have been wearing the same fragrance since high school, sadly enough. It is the much loved White Musk from the Body Shop (that's a little embarrassing to admit) and while it has been a tried and true favorite of mine for all this time I have thought about updating. I ordered a few trial scents from an etsy seller this summer but was disappointed by the floral, sweet smells of each and they didn't have much of the musky undertones I was hoping for. I don't wear perfume, don't want to smell sweet or sugary, and don't want to be overwhelmed by a powerful scent (you know the kind that makes everyone want to leave a room for fear of choking when that person walks in). All that being said, I am tempted to try out this classic musk oil from Kiehls. If the scent is anything as pretty as the packaging I am sure it will be great.

Scents are tricky, though.



It was a busy weekend around here with gifts, crafts, and holiday parties all gearing up. But somehow my photos of the past couple of days only show the quiet moments, undisturbed seconds of soft lighting and a break in the action. It's nice to remember things this way.Prepping for crafts.
Loading and editing.
Thrift store finds.More crafts for Christmas.

Evening drive and fleeting light.


winter white: diy holiday round up

Here a some of my absolute favorite holiday inspired, winter-white themed craft tutorials from around the blog world this week. I am finding constant inspiration these days and I hope you are getting psyched for holiday decorating too! We are hanging icicle lights, crafting a glitter wreath, and getting started on some diy gifts this weekend. Have a good one!
Above: shimmery swizzle sticks from Odessa May.
Modern Perforated Trees from Babble.
Festive topped jars from You Are My Fave.
Paper whites from A Subtle Revelry.A gold dipped bowl on Curbly.


heart & craft holiday in a box

Friends, I am so excited to share with you the handmade gift I put together for the Handmade Gift Swap hosted by FreshlyPicked and ArdorBlog that I participated in this month. Besides getting wonderfully handmade gifts from five other bloggers, I got to put together and send out my own little creations.

For my handmade gift I put together the "holiday in a box" full of little treats for holiday decorating. I included a small glittery garland for wrapping around gifts, a large garland for decorating your walls or tree, shimmery cake flags for adding some sparkle to desserts, our 'this if for you' gift tags, a set of holiday banner greeting cards, and a golden-painted little deer figurine just for fun. In addition to designing the cards, inserts, packaging, and contents I had SO much fun packing and sending of these little gifts! I hope they brought a smile to someone's face and I can't wait until next year's gift swap!Find my greeting cards, gift tags, garlands, and flags all in my shop.


Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy birthday to the woman who gracefully manages to juggle the role of teacher, mother, principal, creator, and wife. You taught me how special it is to cook a meal for the ones you love, to celebrate birthdays for a week straight, to find the positive in the dreariest of days, and most importantly to always keep creating. You've been the rock for our family in hard times, the cheerleader and biggest fan to four children, and a perfect role model of what a strong woman really is.

I love you and am so thankful to call you my mother, happy birthday!


wednesday wishlist: glitter and gold

This time of year brings out an untameable love in me for all things glitter and shimmer. After the new year this love quickly turns to disdain so I will fully embrace the sparkle in all its glory for the next few weeks!

Clockwise from top: warm wishes fringe banner by nice, diamond band from catbird nyc, rose gold sparkle clutch by scout&catalogue, glitter dart by somethings hiding here.

Sparkle on!


pretty pairings

Loving the combination of this spoon and well by up in the air somewhere & this hand printed napkin set by Namoo. Both on etsy, both under $30. Hello, gift giving season.


thankful for

After a wonderfully family filled, relaxing yet productive, long holiday weekend it was a particularly trying day back at work. Let's just say teachers are not always appreciated.

But, this evening I am looking to the positive and counting my blessings. Tonight I am thankful for...my sweet husband who keeps me grounded and focused on our goals. That and our Christmas tree with decorations that remind us of home,
glittery holiday decorations,
and my sister who knows exactly when I could really use a glass of wine.

I am thankful.


give thanks

Happy Thanksgiving all! Today's post is short and sweet because we are off to two thanksgiving celebrations and are sure to be full, happy, and feeling blessed all day. I hope yours is sweeter thank pumpkin pie (my favorite part of the day) and full of good food, good friends, and good cheer!

wreath doliy via martha.


wednesday wishlist: supplies

You guys, I think I'm in love. In love you absolutely everything from online shop Olive Manna. Their crafting, decorating, and general making supplies are just perfect. Simple and understated, practical and pretty. I'll take one of each, please.

PS. I am completely aware of the ridiculousness of my love for craft supplies. It is becoming a problem.


thanksgiving favorites

It seems like the blog world has already passed by this week's holiday and has jumped on to Christmas festivities. But Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday (no gift-giving pressure, best food ever, etc) and I want to highlight some of the great things I have been seeing around the web that celebrate good ole' turkey day.

First up, I absolutely love this modern thanksgiving table design by Melanie of You Are My Fave. The color scheme is unexpected and I adore the stripes and pops of gold.

I am also adoring this guilded Thanksgiving set up spotted over on Oh Happy Day.

Lastly I would calm things down a bit with this lovely farm table Thanksgiving set up by Jane Reaction.

However you choose to decorate this year, I hope you get to enjoy all of the gifts of food, family, and friends.