motif mondays | no.8

Hello! I am once again a day late but this week I am officially revolting against the cold and rain and never-ending winter we are experiencing. Instead I am putting my brightest, most-Springy pattern up to hopefully lure in some warmer temperatures and some sunshine. This piece was inspired by the upcoming seasons, sandals, and outside events like picnics and food truck fairs.

Things are supposed to thaw out some here over the next few days and I hope that it helps get me back into a better routine of exercise and healthy eating, like some of the fruits pictured above. Here's to some sunshine!


motif mondays | no.7

I guess I should start titling this motif tuesdays, or motif biweekly, since I never seem to get my patterns up on Mondays. Maybe Mondays are just one of those days when you have far to many ambitious projects planned, in addition to school and life and being in the sunshine, and blog posts are just not on that top priority list. So I am giving myself a break but here is a really simple, recent pattern I worked on while our town was covered in ice and and branches of trees were breaking and falling all over our roof; leaving us without power for a few days. It sounds awful but now just three days later it is sunny and seventy degrees and while I'm still catching up with things from our time away (more on our SF trip soon!) I am just happy for the little bits of spring peeking through.

This was probably my most rambling blog post ever, here is a pattern for you. Winter trees.