taking off

I am on a week-long hiatus from life. Ok just from work while I am up in the mountains on a professional retreat. Sounds weird, but I am enjoying the slower pace up here and am not worrying about what is going on in my classroom! I may be a bit sporadic on here this week as the internet is iffy here and I dont really have a set schedule for myself. I will be trying to do a lot of yoga, relaxing, eating great food, crafting and maybe picture taking. We'll see, either way, hope your week is as lovely as those desserts up there!



One of my little mushrooms was featured on Etsy's blog, Etsy Finds! I am over the moon about this seeing that I have only been listing on etsy for less than a month. I am hoping that this is the start of something big in my life. Something handmade.
Please check it out. And the rest of the shop.


care package

So excited to be sending off my first Heart&Craft purchase today. One of my ceramic mushrooms will be making a home all the way in Australia. Now that makes me happy.

image from here, of course.


happy earth day

One of my happiest days of the year. Hope yours has been lovely.



I don't know if you've heard or not, but I really want a teepee for our backyard. And now that we are finally clearing out some space back there (no more swing set!), I think it is time to get serious.

This one is adorably sweet but a little too small for what I want, any ideas on where to get/how to make a serious teepee?

bill and fanny's teepee featured on the selby.


wednesday wish list

These bright playful cakestands from right here. And more cakes with flags on them, like we've already seen here.


lovely ladies

Just wrapped up a great art show for my 2D design class and our IB art class last night and I am really proud of how far they have come this year. I have pushed them, yelled at them, aggravated them and simply not put up with any excuses from them this year and I am happy to say I think it has paid off. They had some really good work and they acted wonderfully (for teenagers) at their formal reception. Since I don't have those pictures edited yet, I thought I would post some other artwork that has been inspiring me lately.

some lovely ladies by Peggy Wolf
green ocean with moon and sun at gretchenmist

and always the pretty pastels of lola over at deerlings&ghostthings. (also pictured at top)


weekend flora

Saturday was kind of a wash. But most of Sunday was spent in a sunny backyard with hands and feet in the dirt. It is such a rewarding feeling to look around my yard and gardens and see little seedlings popping up and to know soon we will be eating fresh veggies from our garden. My parents and older sister have always been great gardeners and seemed to enjoy it so much that I am happy that this year I, too, have been getting so much out of it. Here is some of what I was surrounded by this weekend.
petunias that went into pots on the porch,

tulips in jar on deck dining table,

sage blooms in the herb garden,

garden mushrooms (from my shop),

and what is left of the seedlings that I didn't kill.

Yes, I can't do seeds. I was scared for my sister to even come over and see the failure of her grow-light project that we started in my studio. Apparently I was supposed to be turning the light on and off, watering, and singing to those seeds every single day. Who knew? We have officially labeled me a seedtard- so from now on I will stick to the plants I can see immediately as I put them into the dirt. More updates on the garden to come as we see more progress.



on etsy. The most adorable handmade cake stands by the adorable Olivia Rae James. I actually found her blog first and then traveled over to her shop. These stands are made from found vintage plates and antique candle holders, so adorable! Check them all out in her little shop.


wednesday wish list

So over the weekend, while perusing this blog I came across this site. Now I am in total shoe lust for all of these vegan oxfords, pumps, and ankle boots. Usually this blog is a great place to post things I'd love to have and generally get them off my mind. But these beauties have been lingering for a few days now and I don't see my urge to get some of them off my mind any time soon. Namely these::

and these
and these
oh and don't forget these, these black ankle boots may just be my favorite.
It's gonna get expensive.



This was one of the best weekends at home we've had in a long time. I would post pictures but most of them would just consist of a lot of dirt, some seeds, and beer. We planted some new friends in the herb garden, some zinnia seeds in the flower gardens, and a new potted guy on the deck. We also worked on our bikes and went on an amazing tour de beer around our town with some friends. The bike pictured is not mine, and is from here, but I do have my eye on a couple new ones. I love my vintage Raleigh, though, and it would be hard to switch it up, would it be wrong to have two bikes? I think not!


gretel home

For you this Monday morning I have the most beautiful home and dishwares by Gretel Home. I dream of having a home draped in soft neutrals that all look like they came from natural linen fabrics. Soft grays, warm gray-browns, blush, cream, and slate. Somehow, though, I always end up throwing in cilantro greens and peacock teals and messing up that dreamy creamy scheme. Oh well, I have accepted that I must have color around me. BUT, if I was living in that neapolitan ice cream palette, I would want to use all of these wares from Gretel. Eat up these lovely creamy pieces.


wednesday wish list

These acrylic plexiglass woodland creature ornaments by Iwannabe on etsy. Think of all the fun I could have with these!


old soul new heart spring/summer 2010

Well the talented Shea and Tess have done it again. Old Soul New Heart's new line launched last week and I have narrowed down my current favorites. I can just imagine wearing these with a sundress on a picnic (while playing hookie from work).


cake love

I need this cake. Garlands and gradient? On a cake? Yes, I need it. Someone near and dear to me better remember this one.

Heart and Craft the shop!

I am so excited to introduce you to Heart&Craft handmade the etsy shop! Getting this thing up and going has been a lot of (fun) work and I am really happy be able to share it with everyone. Right now all I have listed are my handmade ceramic mushrooms for houseplants or the garden but I have many plans for more items coming soon. I have really fallen in love with pottery over the past year in the class I am taking with my mom and sister and will definitely continue playing around with this media. Please take a look around the shop and let me know what you think!

***I will have a permanent link added on here soon***



Some of our dear friends just found out they are having a baby boy (congratulations Megan and Anthony!) and I think some of these sweet woodland plushies from Sleepyking would be perfect for little Brendan. I especially love their names::
above: arthur avocado
sonny, the happy-go-lucky bunny
bon bon, the blushing squirrel