paper products

Last month I shared with you a digital file of my new business cards designed by the best husband in the world. Well yesterday, inspired by the amazing works over here, I decided to take some proper photos of them in the flesh. Sexy, huh? I love the way they came out, am happy to hand them out to potential clients or contacts, and am trying to decide if I should submit them over there for possible exposure? Can't hurt to try- that is the motto of this year I believe.



My sister and I are heading to Ikea tomorrow for a quick trip that may or may not help me finish my kitchen makeover (we're going on a year and a half here, folks.) I know that Ikea is really hit or miss and a lot of people don't support that cheap price/questionable manufacturing of it but I'm in my 20s, my husband and I don't have much expendable income, and we choose to put our money into the things that really matter in our kitchen (like our LG appliances and Heath Ceramics tile). So some Ikea shelves and organizers are right up our alley at this time in our lives. And today while I was browsing the new items on their website I was pleasantly surprised by some of the lovely new wares, like these vases and champagne flutes.Oh well, we'll see how it goes and maybe eventually I will have a redone kitchen to share with you!

shop update

New in the shop: lots of summer inspired garlands!! Also some new products (surprises!) should be listed by the end of the week!


weekend and babies

This past weekend started early on Friday afternoon and included impromptu pool parties with champagne and sushi, pizza at the best local spot, record release shows for a friend, bonfires and housewarmings, and another trip down the river. Oh and no photos, not a single one, sorry. I guess I got carried away with all of the activity and I think that is exactly how summer should be.

Yesterday I took a mini road trip to visit a dearly missed friend and meet her little man, Ollie. He was just as sweet, playful, and cuddly as I had imagined-but he would have to be with the two amazing people who are his parents- and you guys, he is a little mozart!
Moving a little slower today, adding some new work to the shop (yay!), sipping pink lemonade, and soaking in every page of this. I think it is the best way to beat the heat around here. Hope your summer week is lovely!


bright and lively

I have been finding lots of great things on etsy lately and since it has been awhile, here is a round-up of some of my favorite bright items this week.(clockwise from top left) color angles brooch by jewiseha, oh carmen by peggy wolf design, forever fringe banner by nice, at the races necklace by urban legend.

happy friday everyone!


tomato tales

Two years ago our garden did great- mostly due to the fact that my sister created the entire thing for us as we were moving in. Last year was not so great, possibly because of the lack of rain, early heat, and my short attention span for weeding. Either way, it was discouraging and I was determined to do better this year. We tilled the soil, reorganized our planting strategy, and got the sprinkler just in the right spot. And things have been betterish. I still have an extremely bad habit of not weeding or deadheading regularly and lately it has been hot- just like the rest of the country. We have harvested peppers, squash, and cucumbers already but the real joy comes with the first tomatoes. I adore tomatoes, all sizes colors and shapes, so this year we planted five different varieties (I can remember black cherry, juliette, and purple cherokee). So this week when we got back from the beach and saw all of these little beauties ready to be picked my heart was happy. I have been picking them a day or two early and letting them sun on our window sill in order to save them from pesky (yet adorable) wild rabbits. I never got around to putting up a fence around the garden this year (another example of my gardening downfalls) so as soon as the tomatoes get a bit of color the rabbits start to feast. BUT- I kind of don't mind sharing with bunnies. I'm just happy the tomatoes are here.


simple gifts

We wanted to get some small gifts while at the beach for the friends that looked after our house and pup for us while we were gone. I found these adorable vintage-style taffies at a shop there and had to get them for my friend Ashleigh who looks like Betty Boop and loves all things quirky and retro. I wrapped them up in a scrap piece of card stock adorned with washi paper tape stripes for a simple thank you for a sweet friend.

beach scenes

Beach week is my favorite week of the entire year- if you hadn't caught on to that yet. It is a week of family and friends who are like family, incredible food, beautiful views and if we're lucky equally as beautiful weather. It is a week of pretty much no responsibilities, no alarm clock, no house to clean and no pressing tasks except to enjoy yourself. And my family is good at that. We barely leave the beach the whole week, we don't go out to cheesy seafood restaurants or tacky beach stores, we spend 6+ hours on the beach each day, cook and eat all of our meals at home, and we couldn't be happier. So with that, here are some of my favorite beach moments from this year. I don't think they require much explanation.
blue sky over our favorite coffee drinking spot
perfect beach symmetry, salty hair, and seashellskite-flying & perfectly worn in cut offs that are the base of every beach outfit and provide the perfect anchor for throw-back crafting
and sunset over the sound.

Thanks for letting me share- I hope you're summer is absolutely stunning!


back home

Although I am still sad that beach week is over I am happy to be home and busy. I have lots of orders and projects to catch up on as well as friends to revisit and I thrive on a busy (somewhat slower) summer schedule. Getting back into gear today meant packaging orders, some housekeeping, restocking on groceries, and a much enjoyed trip to the gym after a week of little physical activity- save bike rides, bocce tournaments, and ocean frolicking.
Tomorrow I would love to share some of my favorite shots from our trip.


happy friday and going home

Today is our last day at the beach, probably the saddest Friday of the year as we head back home tomorrow. But I am excited about the work, projects, dinner parties, and crafts I have planned to work on next week. It is good to be busy to recover from the depression of leaving the beach. I also have lots of photos from our time here to share with you. Hope you all have a great weekend!Photos from my iphone, of course, and my lovely sister is in the first.


summer's colors

This summer has seemed to finally lift from my wardrobe the heavy darks and empty neutrals that have been so prevalent since some time last fall. This summer I want color. On my clothes, in my hair, on my nails, and even in my food and drink. The local thrift store is always an easy place to find colorful pieces, like this silk patterned skirt. And paired with my ban.do mini sequin heart, some teal nails, and a delicious cucumber, basil, and gin cocktail- I feel like I can't go wrong with all that this colorful summer has to offer.

Cucumber-basil-gin cooler
from the mister

Muddle 3 cucumber slices and several basil leaves with 1 oz simple syrup
Shake with 2 oz gin and fresh lime juice
Strain over ice
Garnish with cucumber slices, basil leaves, and fresh lime




After discovering NC based paper-goods etsy shop, Wit&Whistle, a few months ago I have loved their subtle humor, unfussy designs, and lovely styling. So I was even more excited today to see them featured on Oh Joy! Congrats!


beach bums

Still enjoying our time here on the coast, so much so that I have posted some of my favorite beach-inspired etsy finds over on PrettySouthern. Check it out and get your beach on!

beach umbrella photo by Alice B. Gardens


neutral rainbows

Having a great time at the beach, still sinking in to the relaxed lifestyle that is inevitable here. It takes a few days to unwind and really appreciate the beauty, stillness, and simplicity of the coast but once you get there, it is much harder to go back to real life.Just a brief post as I don't want to disturb my unwinding process but had to share an experiment gone right. Yesterday as we were doing samples of each of our neutral nail polishes, trying to pick the perfect beachy hue, we realized that the combination of all of the neutrals might be more special than picking just one of them. Probably not a good real life manicure, but here on the coast it seems to just work.

PS promise I will start using real photos soon, not just my phone uploads, though I am loving them...


signing off

Happy Friday everyone! I am getting off here in order to wrap up my laundry and packing and get into complete vacation mode. I need to let my head be clear and my hands be free of work for a few days before I get back on. I will undoubtedly continue posting next week as inspiration strikes or we work on some fun projects- but this weekend I am shutting off. Have a super summery weekend!

jena ardell via color collective.

summer essentials

You know, the simple things like fresh garden flowers and water with lemon slices.


sand and surf

A quick, one-night girls getaway was a much welcomed event in this quickly fleeting summer. Hours on the beach followed by some time out at our favorite downtown spots was exactly what we needed. Needless to say there were tons of laughs, a few falls, and some very sleepy girls on the ride home. It is so nice to live in a state where the beach and mountains are all in a few hours reach.
Next week the mister and I will be spending the entire week on the coast with my family and I absolutely cannot wait. My sisters, mom, and I have some big crafting plans- along with the hours of relaxing, sunning, swimming, wine pouring, and beach walking that are already on the agenda. Oh summer, I forgot just how lovely you are!>>photos from my iphone<<


a subtle revelry

Wait, what is a subtle revelry you ask? Well it is just my favorite go to spot for diy inspiration, beautiful event styling ideas, and gorgeous photography! And now I am excited to be the newest sponsor over on Victoria's amazing site. Check out inspirational blog, her projects gallery, and do not miss the absolutely amazing work in her online magazine Styled! Then click on my ad, hop over to my shop, and get some decor for your next summer party.

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday weekend. Tomorrow I am headed to the coast for a quick ladies only getaway with the of my best. I can't wait! In the meantime I will have some summer posts coming your way and you can also find me posting over here.


the beauty dept.

I have to admit that I was skeptical to visit Lauren Conrad's new beauty blog, The Beauty Dept. I was unsure if the MTV pretty girl (and friends) could pull off real style and writing, but guys, I was impressed! Style by the super talented Bri of DesignLoveFest (one of my favorite daily reads) this site is lovely to look at and does have some really fun styling and beauty tips. And that awesome hair? Well that is LC herself- you have come a long way from Laguna Beach, girl.

Happy 4th of July Weekend to all my US friends and readers, hopefully I'll back on Monday with some fun sparkler pics!

original photo.



I didn't share much about our honeymoon back in April but today I am sharing my top 6 tips to getting the most out of Charelston, SC over on PrettySouthern. I also got to scan and share some of our photos from the trip- so fun!favorite coffee shop, Hope+Unionabandoned bars off dirt roads