summer's colors

This summer has seemed to finally lift from my wardrobe the heavy darks and empty neutrals that have been so prevalent since some time last fall. This summer I want color. On my clothes, in my hair, on my nails, and even in my food and drink. The local thrift store is always an easy place to find colorful pieces, like this silk patterned skirt. And paired with my ban.do mini sequin heart, some teal nails, and a delicious cucumber, basil, and gin cocktail- I feel like I can't go wrong with all that this colorful summer has to offer.

Cucumber-basil-gin cooler
from the mister

Muddle 3 cucumber slices and several basil leaves with 1 oz simple syrup
Shake with 2 oz gin and fresh lime juice
Strain over ice
Garnish with cucumber slices, basil leaves, and fresh lime


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Victoria said...

I love the brightness of Summer colors!