beach scenes

Beach week is my favorite week of the entire year- if you hadn't caught on to that yet. It is a week of family and friends who are like family, incredible food, beautiful views and if we're lucky equally as beautiful weather. It is a week of pretty much no responsibilities, no alarm clock, no house to clean and no pressing tasks except to enjoy yourself. And my family is good at that. We barely leave the beach the whole week, we don't go out to cheesy seafood restaurants or tacky beach stores, we spend 6+ hours on the beach each day, cook and eat all of our meals at home, and we couldn't be happier. So with that, here are some of my favorite beach moments from this year. I don't think they require much explanation.
blue sky over our favorite coffee drinking spot
perfect beach symmetry, salty hair, and seashellskite-flying & perfectly worn in cut offs that are the base of every beach outfit and provide the perfect anchor for throw-back crafting
and sunset over the sound.

Thanks for letting me share- I hope you're summer is absolutely stunning!

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