My sister and I are heading to Ikea tomorrow for a quick trip that may or may not help me finish my kitchen makeover (we're going on a year and a half here, folks.) I know that Ikea is really hit or miss and a lot of people don't support that cheap price/questionable manufacturing of it but I'm in my 20s, my husband and I don't have much expendable income, and we choose to put our money into the things that really matter in our kitchen (like our LG appliances and Heath Ceramics tile). So some Ikea shelves and organizers are right up our alley at this time in our lives. And today while I was browsing the new items on their website I was pleasantly surprised by some of the lovely new wares, like these vases and champagne flutes.Oh well, we'll see how it goes and maybe eventually I will have a redone kitchen to share with you!

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