wish list

These sweet prints from Sharon Montrose's etsy shop. She has so many great animal portraits but these are the two we think would just be precious above our bed. What do you think?
They are just so simple and unassuming, and what an awesome job to have! You can also follow her here on her blog.


wish list

Compiling my (wish)list of current loves, starting with the sunglasses from yesterday.


salt and pepper cellars by raedunn

Side note: I do not expect anyone to ever purchase these things for me, but I love searching for things created with love and good design and it is fun to collect them all in one sweet spot.


shwood is good

love these. would be the happiest girl in them. find them here.

maybe i need to start a christmas wish list...


weekend revisited

An amazing weekend with loved ones and great friends, complete with::

a sister's birthday...

fresh flowers from my parent's garden, in my mom's homemade vases (so sweet)...

evidence of the changing seasons...

fireside time in the backyard.

good stuff.

fall favorites

Some of my the best moments in fall so far::

A delicious autumn dinner at home.

A walk around the neighborhood.


big sister

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SISTER!! You are sweet, caring, and oh so dear to me. I hope your year is filled with love and laughter and many friends, travels, and joys!

PS sorry I couldn't make all of these beautiful decorations for you, but I found them here!


pumpkin party

I know it is not out of the ordinary for this time of year, but I am currently in love with all things pumpkin. Soups, muffins, lattes, pies, cookies, beer.... you name it I'll consume it. Hope you are cozying up and enjoying the fall weather!

ps. try this delicious pumpkin muffin recipe


best medicine

Sick day # 3. Day 2 out of work. It is raining, gray, and overall drab around here. The only good news is that the mister has the day off too. So I get to sit around and cuddle in tons of blankets and he is making me a grilled cheese! One of the only things I could eat while feeling this gross. I guess it is also good news that I have had more time to blog. And hopefully I will be feeling better for pottery class tonight!


leaf garland

How gorgeous is this gradated leaf garland by Rachel of Heart of Light? I am in love with it's simplicity and airiness. I had to hop right over here and post it.
Still feeling sicky but I think a big bowl of spaghetti and some couch time tonight will help that.


sick day

Home sick today. Half my sickness, half the mister's tooth infection. Note too self: don't take anymore generic allergy meds. I have had a very hard time getting things going today.

In the mean time, while I am wasting away on the couch, I am looking for all things to remind me of fall. Here are couple I came across at Alicia Bock's etsy shop. How I would love to be up in a hot air balloon today! But I will be sipping tea and making trips to the dentist. And hopefully we can fit one to the pumpkin patch in as well!


where you rest

We spent most of the rainy Saturday last weekend completing the decoration of our room. Thanks to my lovely mister we got new curtains hung, new comforter out, new pillow; all combined with a lot of old goodies- bed made by my dad, birdies on the wall, favorite lamps, rocks from beach walks, and lots of love. It finally feels right, and if you know me you know how hard that feeling is to achieve. I lived in my last apartment for three years and the bedroom never felt "right". This is cozy and cool with a mix of the best textures- corduroy, flannel, and soft linen. All in the most unassuming gray. I have to take pictures when the lighting is better but here is an adorable Parisian loft bedroom to tide you over until then. Hope you are cozy and content this fall weekend!