My sister bought a house! Well, is in the process of buying her very first home. So, in honor of her new place, this post is solely devoted to all of the things I would buy for her and decorate her home with. Everything is from Terrain. A home and garden store owned by the same group as Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie, so you know I love it. So, Liz, here is what I would give to you if I could buy everything I wanted for you::
These lovely nesting bowls.
As well as these.
This sweet linen apron.
This garden tools towel set.
These foldable rubber boots.
And lastly, this heirloom seed collection.

Congratulations sister! I can't wait to help you move, garden, paint, decorate, and cook your first meal in your new home! I am sure there will be more of these posts to come.

And check out my other sister's awesome project here. Exciting!


wednesday wish list

These new anthropologie goodies. I know I need to get over it, but I love anthro no matter how out of my price range it is.



Loving this teal wall and these other teal accents. We are currently painting our hallway a grayish-teal and I can't wait to post some pictures to share! It is a dramatic color but I love the way the rich hue pops with our light golden-brown wooden floors.

I am not sure where these are from, they have set on my computer for months now.

***Update*** I wrote this post before we began painting, while teal paint was but a dream, but I am happy to say the hallway has been painted a beautiful rich teal and I will be able to share more images of it soon. It is really close to the color of the wall in the first image, but even closer to the ottomans in the second.


tulips and teal

Birthday tulips from my parents and our new teal hallway. I think I like it. I have to get used to, but I like it!

I will post more pictures once the second coat is done and the mess is cleaned up (thanks to the mister for doing ALL of the painting and letting me relax, you're the best!)

the weekend

It was a wonderful birthday weekend. We celebrated with my family on Friday night, with delicious pizza and chocolate-peanut butter cheesecake. The new kitchen appliances came on Saturday morning (which was only mildly stressful...) then my mom and sisters came over for baking cupcakes and dinner. All of our friends came over for dinner, cupcakes, and champagne and then we all went out for more good times.

And I spent all of yesterday on the couch, recovering and relaxing. It was a pretty great birthday!

Images by me and delicious chocolate-mint cupcakes with mint buttercream icing recipe from here.



It's my birthday! And we are getting our new kitchen appliances today, so excited!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Image from here.


cupcake social

Thanks to this post by Dallas, I was introduced to the adorableness that is at Cupcake Social's etsy shop. My birthday is this Saturday and I think these would be perfect for wrapping some delicious treats in.


wednesday wish list

It's back! Yes, Wednesday wish list will continue even after the holiday season because, well, a girl can dream!

So lately I have been on the hunt for some stylish gray pillows for our bedroom and living room. I am kind of kicking myself for not picking up the simple ones I saw at Ikea yesterday for just a few bucks. Here is what I have come across on etsy recently::
gray cable knit by napoleonquilts.pleat pillow slip by yorktownroad.

Do you have any other sources or ideas for good pillows?


all the pretty birds

Some great style seen here at all the pretty birds.

I really should get the mister and I in the habit of laying out all of our outfits like this before we go out...


pretty pretty peonies

Oh the ruffles, I wish I could wear you.
More pretty flower photos here. All from this very talented lady.

cosmic leggings


I have been coveting these leggings by Brooklyn based shabd for some time now. All of their hand-dyed work is done in a variety in colors and resembles all of the cosmic beauty of outer space. After some site lurking I came across this great video of the designer, Shabd Simon-Alexander on the Martha Stewart show doing a great demonstration of how to recreate these looks. Don't have $120 to drop on a pair of leggings? Make your own! I think I am going to have to give it a try sometime. Add that to my HUUUUGE list of crafting to-dos....

There are also some amazing shirts, hoodies, scarves, tights, and even bikinis on shabd's site. Have fun dying!


my brother

...the photographer. Every time I leave my camera laying around when I am with him, I find a nice little treasure like this on it. Thanks brother, I love it!

Have a great weekend everyone!



Watching all of the coverage of Haiti on the news is devastating. I cannot begin to imagine what the people of this country are going through, along with their loved ones in other parts of the world. It is hard to be here and feel helpless while so much death and heartache takes place elsewhere. I am sending in a donation to the Red Cross tonight, but even that does not feel like enough. I encourage anyone else that can to try to do the same, check with your local news stations, they probably have some relief efforts/fundraisers set up.

I wanted to share these photos taken by children in Haiti of their native land, under the non-profit program Zanmi Lakay::

This is the only one I am able to copy, but please take a look at the rest, they are savagely beautiful.

What are your ideas to reach out and help the people of Haiti?

pretty places

Would love to be in a warm, sunny, outdoor space under these colorful lanterns.

Image via poppytalk, by Montreal based isphotography.


happy birthday dad!!

Happy Birthday!!

We celebrated my Dad's birthday over the weekend with a delicious sushi dinner and a decadent chocolate raspberry cheesecake. It was great fun and I hope he is still celebrating today.

I love you Dad!!!

woah fancy pants

I think I like it.

Setareh Mohtarez via vain and vapid


orla kiely

Loving all of these looks from Orla Kiely. I wish target would do a clothing line with her, the line of home items they sold of hers were great. I love the neutral palette and sweet patterns, I could wear these to work on a daily basis. Can't wait to see what she comes out with for the spring!