colorful flags and sneak peeks

I know things are slow around here and that when I do post it is mostly all about the wedding, but I promise to be back to my creative self soon. I can even feel it creeping in, I have crafts on the brain. Until then here are a couple of sneek peaks::
Colorful pennant cards that will be in the shop after the wedding.
Some colorful layers that will make their debut in a couple of weeks, thanks to my dear friend Allison.


the honeymooners

As the craziness and stress of wedding planning has started to wane (I know I shouldn't speak to soon as we are still 3 weeks out); I have begun thinking about our much-needed little getaway. We aren't going far, just down to Charleston, SC for a few days of relaxation. We have rented a cozy little studio apartment behind a coffee shop downtown and just can't wait to be down there. Sipping coffee, sitting on the beach, eating delicious local foods, and sleeping in. I can't even begin to tell you how excited we are for this chance to just be alone and be in non-planning mode. So in my daydreams about the honeymoon I am wearing the sweetest, loveliest outfits. Oxford flats, peach high-waisted shorts, floral blouses, long flowing skirts, straw hats and soft chambray shirts. I haven't quite got my hands on each of these choice pieces- but the search is on! In the meantime, I also think this adoooorable dress from Brooklyn-based Alexandra Grecco would be absolutely honeymoon appropriate.

**If anyone else has some vacation, honeymoon attire ideas to share, feel free! I have had a hard time finding pieces I love and want to spend the money on, so I am open to suggestions.


the final countdown

Exactly one month from today we will be taking a very exciting walk. Wish us luck. There is so much to be done, but so much to celebrate as well.

image here, where most of my big day inspiration has come from.



Loving the triangle-inspired collection one of my garlands was included in on etsy. It's always fun to see how someone else sees and classifies your work.


wednesday wish list

Lovely, colorful, modern, perfect for spring accessories from No 144. A little more preppy than my usual taste but I just can't resist the styling.


a quick update

Sorry for my absence. I am not sure if I am swamped or simply overwhelmed but lately I feel like I am constantly working without getting very far. However, I just wanted to pop in here to share some exciting news. I am looking forward to being a vendor at the Hand to Hand Market here in Greensboro on March 19th at the Green Bean (best coffee shop around). And in addition to selling some work I am also honored to have been asked to help decorate the space with some custom garlands for the day! Crazy timing with the wedding only a month away BUT I just couldn't resist. So I will keep you updated and hopefully have some more to share here very soon. ciao!