wednesday wish list

Everything from the new heart line by ban.do. Every piece is absolutely stunning (and under $50). Here are just a few of my favorites:

These girls are uber talented!



kitchy kitchen

So we are thinking-- dreaming-- somewhat planning, on renovating our kitchen. It would be within a very tight budget with as much diy work as possible, but I know we can make something wonderful. So I have started collecting inspiration and ideas (though I haven't done a lot of technical research yet) and here is what I have concluded:: I like neutral countertops (grays and white, though undecided on a material), tile backsplashes (mostly in neutrals as well), and I love, love, love open shelving rather than cabinets. Unfortunately our kitchen layout does not really lend itself to open shelving, but we will just see once we get a contractor in here. Here are some of the inspiration pics I have collected from over to desiretoinspire (and they do!). Please remember this is in the very early stages, so I just want to absorb ideas and tips. Please share any suggestions you have and I will be sure to update on any progress we make!

I will try to post some photos of our current kitchen soon. It is in pretty good share with the exception of the appliances. The cabinets are nice and we painted the walls in a kind of portabello brown(gray) and a sort of avocado green.

happy friday

Pretty wallpaper found here.

Come to think of it, this may make it on my Wednesday Wishlist.


dear swedish elle interior

You don't know me. I don't know you. I can't even understand a thing you say. But I think I may be in love with you. That's all, thanks.


wednesday wish list

Polaroid film. I wish I could get my hands on some so I could take some pics like these beauties from violetjulia.

Any good sources for finding it these days?


girl crush(es)

Of course, I love them. And I have found the perfect spot to get my daily fix. right.here.

Of course, I love them. And I have found the perfect spot to get my daily fix. right.here.


Spirograph love

I am obsessed with this table setting and decor that was inspired by a classic childrens toy (that I always loved), the spirograph. I also adore the simple color scheme of white, pink, dark and light gray. Perfect for a spring party or even a wedding. I am thinking I could incorporate some of this in a different color scheme for our holiday party next month. Actually come to think of it, all of our Christmas decorations are white, pink, silver, and brown- so we could just tone this idea down a little bit and perfection! Read all about the set-up and inspiration over at design sponge.

Now off to search for a spirograph....


furry hat and tattoos

How great is this kid? Love it.

Image found here, a fave of mine.

Rachel Comey, part deux

This dress, so lovely. And with those boots? Even better. Rachel Comey, you've done it again.

Oh, and happy Friday!

Oh again, THIS IS POST 100!!!!


indian princess

Found: some of my favorite photos ever, by artist Amalia Chimera. After Stalking her flickr page for some time I realized she is from Durham, NC- about one hour from me! But she is now living and working and creating beautiful things somewhere on the west coast. Here is some more of her gorgeous work::

You loved it, huh?



A month or so back I posted on the mother/daughter team behind the fabulous line of accessories known as Old Soul New Heart. Well they came out with a holiday 09 line a few weeks ago and it is just too good to not share! Of course Shea looks beautiful and the clothes and styling in this shoot is perfection. Check out the full line in their shop.

It's been a great holiday so far. No work, been to the gym, out to lunch with a friend, crafting this afternoon, and I'll be off to the pottery studio tonight. Pretty good day if you ask me. Just wish the mister was here to enjoy it with me.

Oh and I have been working on my own line of holiday 09 gifts and accessories (under the Heart and Craft name, of course) and now I am debating whether to try and launch an etsy shop before the holiday season really kicks off, or to just sell everything in a local jewelry/gift shop. I really want to do the etsy store but just don't want to rush it and have something I am not 100% happy with, on the other hand, a good deadline is the only thing that may get my butt in gear to really do it. Ideas?

wednesday wish list

So sorry, but I have no idea where I found this ring. It has been on my wish list for so long now I can't remember. That said, I have kind of given up hope of finding this exact ring, but I would love to find something close to it- especially of the double-finger variety. The search continues...