kitchy kitchen

So we are thinking-- dreaming-- somewhat planning, on renovating our kitchen. It would be within a very tight budget with as much diy work as possible, but I know we can make something wonderful. So I have started collecting inspiration and ideas (though I haven't done a lot of technical research yet) and here is what I have concluded:: I like neutral countertops (grays and white, though undecided on a material), tile backsplashes (mostly in neutrals as well), and I love, love, love open shelving rather than cabinets. Unfortunately our kitchen layout does not really lend itself to open shelving, but we will just see once we get a contractor in here. Here are some of the inspiration pics I have collected from over to desiretoinspire (and they do!). Please remember this is in the very early stages, so I just want to absorb ideas and tips. Please share any suggestions you have and I will be sure to update on any progress we make!

I will try to post some photos of our current kitchen soon. It is in pretty good share with the exception of the appliances. The cabinets are nice and we painted the walls in a kind of portabello brown(gray) and a sort of avocado green.

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