craft time

Lost of inspiration floating around right now. Including this simple, pretty, embroidery floss-wrapped hair comb.
And this hex nut bracelet that I may or may not have posted about before. Funnily enough I should really be in my studio right now getting my own craft on and getting ready for this weekend.
All sources also on my pinterest. First photo.


pinning fall

Friday was the official start to autumn and while the temperatures are still close to 80 here in NC, I have found myself drawn to tons of fall outfit inspiration over on pinterest. I am excited for light-weight scarves, ankle boots, and obviously lots of mustard, camel, navy, and some hints of teal. Follow me and find all of these links on pinterest here.In other news, I may be scarce around here this week as we try to get the kitchen (close) to finished and get ready to have a booth at a local market/fest this weekend. This chaos is what I thrive on, right?


ribbons and happy things

ribbons are yummy, from the new ribbon garlands in my shop.
the styling for these doily dream catchers is just as dreamy as the craft itself, from the etsy blog.
galaxy nails have just made it to my to-do list, from a cup of jo.

thankful for an inspired wednesday.



Rachel Zoe makes me laugh. Her show is not highly intelligent or thought provoking but she does wear some amazing outfits and have some pretty great Zoe-isms. While her new collection didn't blow me away, there are a few items in her Spring 2012 rtw line that I kind of die for. Sorry, I had to.


spotted: house illustrations

I have been seeing lots of lovely home illustrations on etsy and pinterest as of late. Like the print our friend just produced, I am loving the hand drawn details of these.

1. james keniston. 2. claudia pearson. 3. jens kelley.


pumpkin and goldenrod

In addition to adding some new work to the shop, last week also included working on some custom designs for an Autumn wedding. This is my favorite kind of work.

Every weekend for the next two months is booked solid for us and I am excited for the hustle and bustle of fall to start. Several of these days involve styling and design for some fun events that I am excited to work on; as well as a beach trip, baby shower, birthdays, engagement celebration, and a wedding to attend. I'll do my best to share our adventures with you here. Bring it on, Autumn.


birds of fall

Some new work inspired by my favorite palette for this autumn. I am glad color is still being embraced for this upcoming season. Should be up in the shop soon.



Anabela's post on planning, designing, and putting together packaging over on Fieldguided was truly inspired. Everything in the shop she runs with her partner Geoff is lovely, her design for business cards, thank you notes, and labels are divine, and her photography is always sublime. Reading about the care and time she puts into her packaging materials was wonderful and made me not feel so guilty about spending so much time on my own (because this time essentially goes unpaid and in some cases unnoticed). It is nice to see the care and attention that goes in to every last detail of their work.I also hopped over to one sleepless night to read more behind the scenes details from Anabela's work and was pleasantly surprised to find someone else that loves these details so much that the words "I have to fix my new logo" may take precedents over social time or relaxation. And, lastly, are you not just dying for that floral postcard with the magenta haze?


Styled Issue 2 is here!

I just spent an hour truly indulging in the latest issue of Styled by A Subtle Revelry's Victoria. It is a beautifully curated collection of autumn entertaining, cooking, and styling ideas. It is truly lovely. Bravo, Victoria!

see the both issues of Styled here.


long weekends and letterpress

I hope everyone enjoyed their long labor day weekend (for those of you in the US). We enjoyed a cookout, a baby birthday party, tore out sheet rock in our kitchen (in anticipation of new shelves and tile), cleaned all of the windows at our house and got to hang out and help at a friend's print shop.
The shop is just down the road from us in High Point, NC and belongs to one of Justin's professors. He was printing a new set of three-color screen print show fliers before letting J print a three-color set of one of his own designs. It was so much fun! Besides the screen prints he has amazing letter press machines, plates, and parts. I kind of just walked around in awe for a few hours, opening drawers filled with type, hoping not to get in trouble. It was a great way to spend an afternoon and I really hope we can get back in there soon!iphone photos by me


hair files

Getting back into work has been hard, hence the lack of posting here. But after looking back on my recent posts I realized that I have been pretty negative. This place is supposed to be a reprieve, a happy place, and a little bit of a getaway. So I am vowing now not to air all of my negative laundry here on my blog. I will never be one of those sugar-coated, life is peachy kind off bloggers that always has perfectly plated dinners or exquisite outfits to share but I promise to keep it real, in a positive way. It's a good feeling to be focused on what's right.
So my first positive post to share is about hair. After seeing this amazing Month of Hair on Refinery 29 I was inspired by the great style and got to thinking about my own hair. My hair is the longest it has ever been since I was about 14. I have been growing it out for the last year or so and am lucky to have a good friend who is also an awesome stylist. All through college I had short, cute, easy to be artsy kind of haircuts but that look doesn't really transfer into long hair the same way. It seems to take a little more work to feel put together and creative with long hair. I have always been low maintenance about my hair but over the summer I started having a lot of fun playing around with more hairstyles. Here are a few of my favorite styles/tips for my newly longish hair.
  1. Braids. It is the first time in a loooong time my hair has been long enough for braids and boy are they fun. One loose side braid, two french braids combined into a low, messy ponytail, hippy braids pulled back around hair hanging down, all sorts of braids.
  2. Dirt. Yep, the dirtier the better. This summer my hair routine went something like this: Day one, hair clean, down, and air-dried to a natural wave. Day two, a braid or a high, messy bun- the more hairspray the better. Day three, higher and messier bun with a scarf tied around to hide the ever-growing, a little bit dirty-looking do. Day four, wash and repeat. Three days is about as long as I can go without washing it but the texture and size on those last two days is pretty phenomenal.
  3. Twists. For working out I found the easy style has been a low, loosely twisted bun at the nape of my neck. This way I can workout and then take my hair back down without the pesky hair-tie crease you normally get from a ponytail. I have read this is also a great way to style you hair if you like washing it right before bed. Twist into a low bun and take out in the morning for lovely waves.
That is about it for my hair expertise and while I am in great need of a trim, I have had some fun with my new found locks. So I would love to hear, what are your go-to or new favorite styling tips?

PS. They also have the must-read Lazy Girl's Guide to Hair.

Photos from Refinery 29.