finds from afar

Lots of good posts on the web this week, so good that I need not make my own today! I will just share with you some of the fun things I have been reading and wanting.
Grace, over at design*sponge introduced us to the most wonderful etsy shop I have ever seen. Hearts and doilies and twine, oh my! All at Knot and Bow. Swoon. I literally told my fiancee "I want to live here".
sfgirlbybay, Victoria, shared some of the loveliest teepees that make me long for warmer days.
And lastly, Green Wedding Shoes featured that most gorgeous winter wonderland wedding shoot. I am sure I missed some of the really good stuff that was out there this week as well as these, please do share!


spring forward

Already thinking about spring weather and a spring wardrobe. And inevitably the summer wardrobe to follow. Lately I feel like I have trouble finding anything I like at all in stores, just ask my sister who went shopping with me this past weekend. But these Fletcher by Lyell ankle trousers from Urban have caught my eye as a perfect transition pant into spring. With heels or woven flats, a cropped sweater or tucked in tank, I think these could be really versatile in my wardrobe. These and the less practical maxi skirt and seventies-inspired high waisted jeans I've had my eyes one for spring.



Twenty six was rung in in a big way and followed by a glaring reminder that I am not in my early twenties any more. Today was a little quieter and enjoyed with family and loved ones. Wicker bike baskets, the sweetest mini garlands, and our favorite local pizza made the perfect combination for a homemade party. I look forward to all my twenty-sixth year has in store.


denim and mustard

Birthday outfit inspiration. This is my second chambray shirt post in a week. I don't post a ton of fashion on here so that is certainly a sign. And I have kind of been dreaming about ankle boot heels lately...

source lost, so sorry!


back in the game

It's been an exhausting 3 day work week. Ridiculous, I tell ya. In all honesty I don't feel like my mind or body has yet to return to work after the holidays and then the drawn out snow break. Instead it has been mostly in the clouds and partly in wedding land. Right now I am dreaming of these Japanese washi paper tapes by happy tape- and all of the lovely wedding crafts I could make with them.



Check out this ensemble for J.Crew spring 2011. Denim and sequins never looked so good together. And the coral/red lips don't hurt, either.

Birthday Boy!

Happy Birthday to my most wonderful father! I had a blast with you over the holidays and can't wait for more celebrations throughout 2011!

And yes, my dad even looks cool in front of a floral sheet.


wednesday wish list

I don't know if it has been all of the downtime from snow days lately, but I have been finding some incredible items on etsy this week. Here are a few::
Must, must, must have these blue and sea green handmade arrows by veriaivans.
The cutest doily coasters by uncommon.And a sweet trio of romantic hair flowers by mignonne handmade. Happy shopping!


thoughts on a handmade wedding

First of all let me say that for some reason I am really excited that it is 1.11.11. That is a lot of one's and I love the simplicity of it. It must mean good beginnings or something, right?

When we got engaged at the end of the summer I started sifting through all of the incredible wedding blogs, sites, inspiration, and confusion on the internet. There is some amazing stuff out there and it is inspiring and overwhelming at the same time. I knew right away that I wanted our wedding to have a "hand-made with love" feel and that diy would be our game plan all the way. What I wasn't prepared for was how vast that statement was and how bad I am at editing out my own thoughts and ideas.

Yesterday I logged onto one of our registries and let out a little gasp when the countdown number in the corner was a red blinking 96. Three months? That's it? Three months, ok, three months. It feels like yesterday that I posted this. Now we are 95 days out I am trying not to panic. Don't get me wrong, I feel like we have been truckin along, getting things done and crossing things off the list. The big items (dress, venue, food, desserts, and minister) are all out of the way. But to me it's all about the details. The little things that I want to obsess over and spend hours and hours creating. These past couple of snow days have left me with plenty of time to obsess. But seeing that 3 month mark has also made me step back a little and reflect- reflect on how far we've come as a couple and how far we've come in planning this day for ourselves and our loved ones.

One thing I have learned along the way is what I am and am not capable of taking on in this process. I am amazed out how diy I am and how much of this wedding is going to have our fingerprint on it. I am also seeing the things that are better left to an expert and learning that it is ok to hand over some of the load. (I am cringing as I type that). And just because I love lists and I hold blog control here, here are a few more::

What we can do:
  • Decorations- all of them and believe me there is a lot
  • Desserts- thanks to my talented friend and a few choice decorations by me
  • Invitations- I am in love with them, my husband to be has made these come together
  • Addressing invitations- I am teaching myself calligraphy...
  • A photo booth- I didn't think it was possible!
  • All the music
  • Favors- diy
  • Dress alterations and additions
  • Flowers
  • Writing a ceremony- ok we haven't actually done this yet
**When I say we here, that encompasses a whole team of family and friends, not just the two of us. We are very loved and blessed.

What I am giving over control of:
  • Food- this one hurt my heart a little. Catering is not on the top of my favorite wedding things.
  • Wedding dress- ok, that idea was a little ambitious
  • Hair accessories- I am still contemplating on this one but leaning towards ordering handmade off of etsy. I gotta know my crafting limits and this just might not be in my control
Well that was a short list, but I am sure there are plenty of other things that I am forgetting. Like the fact that we have amazing photographers lined up and two great friends to do the photobooth and some videography. Plus the rings, cupcake holders, straws, chalkboards, and numerous other goods I am/have ordered off of etsy. That site has been a godsend.

There is a lot of work left to be done, but it is all of those details that I thrive on. We will be busy from here on out and will no doubt be recruiting friends and family for more help along the way. My poor Dad will probably be terrified if he reads this. He thinks (knows) I can be a bit too ambitious at times. Don't worry Dad, I will recruit a cleaning crew and just hand you a good craft beer at the end of the night. I am getting excited. Three months.


crafter, creator extraordinaire

The BEST interview this week on design*sponge of Ashley Meaders. She is a crafter, designer, and event decorator. I have seen her work on the web before but seeing it all on her site and reading about her process is so inspiring. This is seriously my dream job people! And I am kind of getting to live it on the side right now while making all of the wedding decorations. Maybe someone will want to hire me for their event after this!!

Check out some of her incredible craftiness:


Why, Hello There 2011

I am amazed at how fast the break and even the entire year has gone by. I have enjoyed looking back over some of my posts from the last year, most especially my last new year's post. I had put together a pretty hefty list for myself to accomplish in 2010 and even though I can't say I crossed each and every one of those things off, I feel extremely productive from what I did accomplish. Some of my last year's plans included remodeling the kitchen (still in progress, ha), painting the hallway and redecorating the bathroom, cooking more, opening my etsy shop, and taking more trips. Other exciting events this year included our engagement, a girls weekend, a heart and craft giveaway, and a mini backyard flood.

Going in to 2011 I am elated and honored to be marrying my absolute favorite person. While wedding work is certainly the top of my to-do's for this year, I am excited for all the other projects and events to come. I am not including a large list of goals for the year ahead because I realized looking back that I feel really proud of everything I have done in 2010, I pushed myself hard and feel great about all the I have accomplished. I plan on going in to 2011 with that momentum and continuing to enjoy my life, my love, and my creative endeavors.

Happy New Years to you and yours!