bunny heaven

Rest in peace my sweet, sweet Maggie. You will be missed and loved always.

oh typography

Currently I am planning a short typography unit for my honors design class and just came across this.
I also ordered Helvetica to show them, which I know makes me a huge nerd, but I am super excited to finally own this documentary. Oh how I love type!


blog love and weekend

I wish I had taken more photos from this weekend. It included lovely moments like wedding dress shopping (ok, this was more terrifying), craft and music festivals, dinner with ladies, and brunch with friends. And on Sunday it rained and fall arrived. The temperature dropped and I got to open windows and lay in bed with my computer and a cup of coffee. In that time I also stumbled upon a blog of a very talented lady that I had forgotten all about. For me, for you features crafts, food, weekend bits and lovely 35mm photographs. Add it to your reads if you have not already.

**all photos by kate of for me, for you


wednesday wish list

Thanks to my sweet sister, these cutie pies should arrive on my porch tomorrow. Thanks Liz, we are ready for fall!

Also excited for some special shopping with my mom and younger sister this weekend!


sneak peek

Here is a peek at what I have been working on lately. I think I have unofficially named it "the wedding of a thousand garlands" because I just can't stop making them- all kinds and colors.

I am so enjoying picking the colors, hand-dyeing the fabrics, and sitting at my sewing machine that I'd like to put some up in the shop as well. I need to do some revamping of the shop, reorganizing and possibly opening a second store- so it may be a while but for now I am just busy sewing!


indian summer

This summer has been long and harsh. We are still in the midst of 90-degree days but in my head it is cool fall nights already. The garden didn't stand a chance in the heat and I may not have gotten all of the projects crossed off of my to-do list, but many lovely memories were made over the past few months. I spent some time this afternoon looking through some of our photos and remembering those moments. Some of my favorites come right off of my phone...
Coney Island, NY
Picnics in the woods
Anniversary Beach trip (afternoon before the proposal!)
Bike rides and dog walks
Family Beach Trip

As summer comes to an end and real life (and work) starts back, I am excited for a change of weather, a change of pace, and a change in names.



Trying to fight off a cold that has inevitably hit our house. With three people in school living here there is just no way to avoid bringing home some germs. Besides cleaning and sanitizing, I am excited to spend this weekend working on some fall-inspired garlands, harvesting the end-of-summer basil for pesto, and seeing my sister's band play a show. I love the buzzing energy that comes with the end of the summer and start of autumn- I feel a little bit re-energized after a rough start back to work. In fact, I better get off here now- because there is so much to be done!



layers and layers

The colorful layers of tulle in this wedding dress are exactly what I want to do on my own. But I am nervous about the prospect of buying a dress and then chopping it off and adding layers underneath. I have a dear friend doing most of that work but I am still scared of spending several hundred collars on something only to hack away at it immediately. Any suggestion for the faint of heart?


cakes and garlands

and garlands and cakes. Two of my favorite things, which you probably already know. Created by Emily Newman of Once Wed and Ashley Meads of The Flashdance, who are collaborating on a handmade wedding cake series this week. Not sure how I feel about the black icing (teeth stains?) but I am in love with those little fabric swatches strung monochromatically. Genius- and now they are in my wedding files. Can't wait to see the rest of this series.
Sorry for the lack of posts recently, I got into a bit of a funk this weekend that was hard to shake. But as things pick up I am getting more excited. Tomorrow might just include a venue preview that may end in wine on a rooftop penthouse- yippee!


10 days in

10 days into September and I have nothing to show for it- on here at least. Work has been a whirlwind the past two weeks and I am hoping to settle in and refocus a bit this weekend. The cooler air seems inviting for some fall cleaning and studio organization. Other things on the list include getting my head around wedding decor and inspiration and making a good craft list to go along with that. I am thinking hundreds of garlands are going to need to be sewn and that seems like just the activity I want to get into this weekend. I am thinking some old road atlases are going to be dismantled for this project...
And what do I have to share with you today, you might ask? Why after 11 days away from here I am back with- more triangles! I am adoring these hand screened print samples by Caitlin Mocuin (one of my crafty girl crushes from here).