10 days in

10 days into September and I have nothing to show for it- on here at least. Work has been a whirlwind the past two weeks and I am hoping to settle in and refocus a bit this weekend. The cooler air seems inviting for some fall cleaning and studio organization. Other things on the list include getting my head around wedding decor and inspiration and making a good craft list to go along with that. I am thinking hundreds of garlands are going to need to be sewn and that seems like just the activity I want to get into this weekend. I am thinking some old road atlases are going to be dismantled for this project...
And what do I have to share with you today, you might ask? Why after 11 days away from here I am back with- more triangles! I am adoring these hand screened print samples by Caitlin Mocuin (one of my crafty girl crushes from here).

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