wednesday wishlist: glitter and gold

This time of year brings out an untameable love in me for all things glitter and shimmer. After the new year this love quickly turns to disdain so I will fully embrace the sparkle in all its glory for the next few weeks!

Clockwise from top: warm wishes fringe banner by nice, diamond band from catbird nyc, rose gold sparkle clutch by scout&catalogue, glitter dart by somethings hiding here.

Sparkle on!


pretty pairings

Loving the combination of this spoon and well by up in the air somewhere & this hand printed napkin set by Namoo. Both on etsy, both under $30. Hello, gift giving season.


thankful for

After a wonderfully family filled, relaxing yet productive, long holiday weekend it was a particularly trying day back at work. Let's just say teachers are not always appreciated.

But, this evening I am looking to the positive and counting my blessings. Tonight I am thankful for...my sweet husband who keeps me grounded and focused on our goals. That and our Christmas tree with decorations that remind us of home,
glittery holiday decorations,
and my sister who knows exactly when I could really use a glass of wine.

I am thankful.


give thanks

Happy Thanksgiving all! Today's post is short and sweet because we are off to two thanksgiving celebrations and are sure to be full, happy, and feeling blessed all day. I hope yours is sweeter thank pumpkin pie (my favorite part of the day) and full of good food, good friends, and good cheer!

wreath doliy via martha.


wednesday wishlist: supplies

You guys, I think I'm in love. In love you absolutely everything from online shop Olive Manna. Their crafting, decorating, and general making supplies are just perfect. Simple and understated, practical and pretty. I'll take one of each, please.

PS. I am completely aware of the ridiculousness of my love for craft supplies. It is becoming a problem.


thanksgiving favorites

It seems like the blog world has already passed by this week's holiday and has jumped on to Christmas festivities. But Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday (no gift-giving pressure, best food ever, etc) and I want to highlight some of the great things I have been seeing around the web that celebrate good ole' turkey day.

First up, I absolutely love this modern thanksgiving table design by Melanie of You Are My Fave. The color scheme is unexpected and I adore the stripes and pops of gold.

I am also adoring this guilded Thanksgiving set up spotted over on Oh Happy Day.

Lastly I would calm things down a bit with this lovely farm table Thanksgiving set up by Jane Reaction.

However you choose to decorate this year, I hope you get to enjoy all of the gifts of food, family, and friends.

season kick start

Things are starting to get B.U.S.Y. (in the best possible way). Of course things always start speeding up this time of year but 2011 seems especially crazy. Between family visits, holiday fare, and our normal work and school schedules we are so excited to be involved in some creative things this season. Because I am kind of running all over the place and have been a little absent around here lately, here is a little update on what we'll be up to over the next couple of months.

Super excited to be a vendor at two amazing holiday markets that are anything but your grandma's church craft fair:
First up is the Hand-to-Hand Holiday Market here in Greensboro.
Followed by the Rock and Shop Market in Durham, NC.
I also can't wait to share with you what I am crafting for the Handmade Holiday Gift Swap hosted by Freshly Picked and Ardor Blog.
And lastly, I am so thrilled to be a part of A Subtle Revelry's holiday season. Can't wait to see what magic Victoria has put together for next weeks holiday craft and gift guides. (where I'll have a special coupon code for holidays at Heart&Craft).

I will try to keep you up to date as we navigate through this busy season of fun, cheer, crafts, food, and festivities!


wednesday wish list: portland collection

This week's wish list is all about the Portland Collection from textile masters, Pendleton. Known for the beautifully patterned wool blankets and throws, Pendleton came out with an updated line of clothing, bags, and accessories this fall that is to die for. The structure, designs, and shape is spot on and I think these cozy textiles would easily get me through the chilliest winter season.
Photos from Need Supply Co.


important conversations

me: you have glitter in your beard.

mister: why is there glitter in my beard?

me: because you're my husband.

image from a subtle revelry.


built by wendy

The Built by Wendy site is so fun to view. The clothes move as you scroll through the page and I had a bit too much fun creating brady bunch-esque designs with the model. Plus, I would pretty much wear anything they've got. Fashion is fun.


mill adventures

This weekend I rode along with the mister while he was on a job getting some shots of the mills around our town for his work. The story was covering the rundown buildings left from an industrious time in our city's past as well as looking at how some of the mills have been reimagined and renovated into new business, academic, and social venues in a revitalization effort. The juxtaposition of new thriving business in such close proximity to areas that looked like they hadn't seen a human in decades was eerily beautiful. As we passed by the No Trespassing signs and ventured around the muddy lots, peering into broken windows grown over by years of encroaching nature, I found myself taking dozens and dozens of photos. We live in a fairly bustling, thriving city but it is always nice to find those quite places that take you immediately into the past, wondering what it was like for the people who lived, worked, loved, and struggled to get by- just like we are now- in that same spot so many years ago.


heart&craft holiday 2011

Introducing the first items in Heart & Craft's Holiday 2011 collection. Our new "this is for you" tags are my absolute favorite! The metallic garland is actually from last years holiday goods but I hope to have some over the top glitter garlands listed soon. Its funny how much I bash my students for using glitter on their projects when I secretly fall in love with it this time every year (I still hold my stance in high school art class that glitter+fine art painting usually does not mesh well). Either way, get yourself over to the shop and stock up for the holiday season!


ban.do holiday 11

Chances are you have seen these beauties floating around on the web this week but I had to share some of the greatest picks from ban.do's latest holiday collection. From the designs to the styling and photography, these girls always get it right. And I am pretty sure I could happily rock that top outfit to every holiday party this year.see it all here.


wednesday wish list: print and pattern

It's November and that means it is time for my yearly Wednesday Wishlists to start again! (You know, in case anyone is out doing some Christmas shopping). This year's first edition is inspired by all of the lovely prints and patterns out there right now. Enjoy!clockwise from top left:
get dotty Madewell sweater, nell&mary geometric dot pillow cover, J.Crew heart intarsia sweater, Lulu striped leggings, pattern rugs.


impromptu costumes

So the mister and I planned our costumes this year (Mary Poppins and Bert) and were really happy with how they turned out- and then forgot to take any photos while we were dressed up on Saturday night. That seems to be a trend around here, right?
Last night we got a last minute invitation to dinner and passing out candy at my sisters house and headed over sans costumes. When we got there she had crafted the loveliest rag-doll costume and I had to come up with something quick because I can't not be a part of a diy party! So, inspired by the ever-incredible Kathleen, I threw on some dia de los muertos inspired facepaint. It was easy and once draped in my sisters shawl I felt completely in character. Sometimes those last minute ideas are the best.