mill adventures

This weekend I rode along with the mister while he was on a job getting some shots of the mills around our town for his work. The story was covering the rundown buildings left from an industrious time in our city's past as well as looking at how some of the mills have been reimagined and renovated into new business, academic, and social venues in a revitalization effort. The juxtaposition of new thriving business in such close proximity to areas that looked like they hadn't seen a human in decades was eerily beautiful. As we passed by the No Trespassing signs and ventured around the muddy lots, peering into broken windows grown over by years of encroaching nature, I found myself taking dozens and dozens of photos. We live in a fairly bustling, thriving city but it is always nice to find those quite places that take you immediately into the past, wondering what it was like for the people who lived, worked, loved, and struggled to get by- just like we are now- in that same spot so many years ago.

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