impromptu costumes

So the mister and I planned our costumes this year (Mary Poppins and Bert) and were really happy with how they turned out- and then forgot to take any photos while we were dressed up on Saturday night. That seems to be a trend around here, right?
Last night we got a last minute invitation to dinner and passing out candy at my sisters house and headed over sans costumes. When we got there she had crafted the loveliest rag-doll costume and I had to come up with something quick because I can't not be a part of a diy party! So, inspired by the ever-incredible Kathleen, I threw on some dia de los muertos inspired facepaint. It was easy and once draped in my sisters shawl I felt completely in character. Sometimes those last minute ideas are the best.


And Kathleen said...

YAY! I love it! I can't wait to share this with my sister. xo!

Tara At The Sideshow said...

I think you may be our long lost sister. Sister(s) actually. Great costumes and so glad we could help make your Halloween a hit.

kat_jackson said...

Thanks so much ladies! I think my sister and I would gladly join your creative crew any time!