wednesday wish list

this holga 120 mm medium format with color flash camera for all of my spring time photo shoots. please and thank you.


the bear

The boy has sweetly named her Eva bear and it is time for introduction. It has taken me so long to do this post because just about every photo I have gotten of her is her walking away or sticking her big nose right into the camera. She has really taken to us and the house and has made herself quite welcome here. So let me please introduce you to the bear::
**Of course she is much bigger and more ferocious than she appears here.

asheville pines

So our trip was pretty amazing. The boy is convinced that we are moving to Asheville- which wold be fine with me as it is beautiful and art-minded and only a couple of hours from our families here. The food and beer was awesome, the people were soooo nice, the shopping was great and we decided that overall it is just a nice, laid back, unpretentious little town. Some visual highlights from the visit:
Our adorable cabin.
Colorful walls of beads.
A secret garden found behind a florist shop.
Delicious lunches (sushi and miso soup).

Stumbling upon an amazing live painting and music performance.
And lots and lots of coffee (and big ass monster brownies).Asheville- we'll be back!


spring break!

Finally I am on a week long break from work and ready to relax, create, eat A LOT, and enjoy my time off. After our weekend away I have taken today to recover (pictures and more from that tomorrow) but now I am ready to celebrate. Hope your weekend was lovely and you can enjoy some beautiful weather this week (it is going to get to 80 in NC this week!).

Celebratory picture from here.


Been totally slacking on here this week and I am sorry. I am trying to get through this week so we can go on our weekend vacation!!! And to make the vacation even better, I get to come home from it to a week off of work. I am so excited as it has seriously been four years since we have gone on a vacation by ourselves. I look forward to exploring an unfamiliar (yet somewhat close by) city for a few days.

So how did I do on the weekend goals?
Gardened and grilled. Did not do much crafting or photography unfortunately. I'd say that is ok since we also did a lot more stuff. I am still trying to get the perfect shot of Eva before she is debuted on here, so hopefully this weekend will yield some better results.

Next week's (spring break) goals:
  • sketching
  • printing some cards
  • listing some ceramics on etsy
  • cooking and lots of eating
  • being creative since I haven't remembered how to do that in some time
I don't know that putting goals on here will make me any more accountable- as I can be incredibly lazy when given a good amount of down time- but I am hoping it will. Here's to productivity!


a few

things that are making me happy lately::
longer sunlight hours
long walks with the dog
slightly warmer weather
pottery and linoleum
sprouting seeds
goals for the weekend::
preparing the garden
grilling out with family
getting out my camera and taking some photos for goodness sake

pretty pretty pictures.



It was a busy and productive weekend- the good kind of busy. We got a new pup dog named Eva, celebrated two years of great health for my dad, grilled out with some good friends, and booked our cabin for the upcoming trip. Lots of dog baths, long walks, extra vacuuming and very little school work later, I am pooped. Now I just have to make it through two more weeks of work before spring break and our little trip to the mountains. This is the cabin we are staying in and hopefully there will not by ANY snow when we get there. Otherwise how will I romp through the woods in my romper??

Pictures of Eva coming soon! She is a rescue and in need of some good TLC but she is a sweeeeeet, pretty girl!



The brain has been feeling a little cloudy this week. Laundry, work, meetings, dinner... no time to be creative or even think creative. In need of some wonder....


wednesday wish list: weekend away

We are taking a much-needed weekend vacation to the NC mountain town of Asheville in a few weeks and I have been thinking about what to pack. It will still be fairly chilly in the mountains but I would love to have some of these spring duds in my suitcase.
forever 21 linen pants
f21 jumper
anthropologie airplane top

built by wendy romper

net-a-porter cardigan

We are taking a much-deserved weekend trip to the NC mountain city of Asheville soon and I have been thinking about what to pack. It will still be fairly chilly in the mountains but I would love to have a few of these spring beauties in my suitcase.


If someone could find me all of these jars (which I think are from Heath Ceramics) that would be amazing, thanks.


happy friday

Once again, looking forward to some sun and warmer weather this weekend. Hope yours is full of sunshine!

PS::-- can I please be teleported into that first photo? an open field? check. white tents? check. colorful banner? check.


scandinavian grace

I am a little angry that I had to stumble across this site all by myself. Seriously people, no one could have shown this to me before? I think I could crawl into this site and live here with all of these simple, Scandinavian inspired products.


wednesday wish list

This week I am drooling over just about everything in this preview for the collaboration between liberty of london and target that will hit stores on March 14th. I am not sure where Mrs. Bliss found all of these great images (she's got connections) but I am sure glad she did.

Notice the bike trend here?


biker babe

The longest winter ever has to come to an end soon and as soon as it does I will be ready for a nice long bike ride with the mister. As much as I love my 70's Raleigh road bike, it is extremely heavy and makes it hard to keep up when riding with others. So I am on the look out for something modern, light, and cruise-friendly (oh and budget friendly). This beauty fits all of that criteria except the budget friendly part, but isn't it just so nice to look at?

And while I am at it I will probably need a lovely little basket like one of these...
or scandinavian.