Been totally slacking on here this week and I am sorry. I am trying to get through this week so we can go on our weekend vacation!!! And to make the vacation even better, I get to come home from it to a week off of work. I am so excited as it has seriously been four years since we have gone on a vacation by ourselves. I look forward to exploring an unfamiliar (yet somewhat close by) city for a few days.

So how did I do on the weekend goals?
Gardened and grilled. Did not do much crafting or photography unfortunately. I'd say that is ok since we also did a lot more stuff. I am still trying to get the perfect shot of Eva before she is debuted on here, so hopefully this weekend will yield some better results.

Next week's (spring break) goals:
  • sketching
  • printing some cards
  • listing some ceramics on etsy
  • cooking and lots of eating
  • being creative since I haven't remembered how to do that in some time
I don't know that putting goals on here will make me any more accountable- as I can be incredibly lazy when given a good amount of down time- but I am hoping it will. Here's to productivity!

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