This Makes Me Happy.... Tape!

Among all of stress that is encompassing my life right now (two words: home buying) I am struggling to find the beauty around me. Don't get me wrong, I come across hundreds of beautiful things a day in nature, loved ones, and tons of blogs- but lately it has been tough to just appreciate it. I need to take some time to soak it in, be a sponge and absorb some inspiration, calm, and beauty. Then I need to be able to access and enjoy it when everything else seems to be swirling around me. So here is my happy for today, and appropriately enough it comes from Happy Tape, where you can get your very own Japanese Washi Paper Tape. Yum!

There are so many fun craft projects waiting to be adorned with this loveliness!



Don't you just love these love birds in a nest? They are designed by Rainsend on Etsy to be a cake topper for a wedding or anniversary cake. I think they are sweet enough to just have living in your home.

I am finding so many inspirational things on the web lately, just not the time to organize and post them. I will get on that. BUT lately my mind has been totally focused on the NEW HOUSE I just bought and will be moving into in less than a month. So excited to decorate!


Color Theory

Loving the beautiful work on Mary Ann Wakeley. She describes her work: "The focus of my work explores traveling and vibrating forms in nature. My formats vary however the goal is always a harmonious whole; color plays a significant role." The play of busy and cluttered with calm and clean is what is really drawing me in. As well as the exquisite use of color. Check out her etsy shop for more.