I'm not sure exactly what I would do with this tiny tree stump from the etsy shop of poodlebreath, but I just love it. So tiny and detailed. I could probably add it to the collection of ceramic birds and squirrels I have accumulated from my grandmother. I'll post a pic of those soon. Oh woodland love! Besides this the shop has some great ceramic deer and rabbit pendants and other lovely treats.

get your own tiny tree stump here

oh, and i'm just testing out this other font. don't mean to be all over the place but I like how it looks like a typewriter.


birdy and me

happy monday! i came across the amazing work of artist kelly smith on etsy over the weekend. her shop is called birdy and me. i just love all of it. the portraits are absolutely gorgeous and the small multimedia touches add warmth and color. be sure to check out the rest of her work.
  1. someday i'll fly away limited edition print
  2. galella original illustration
  3. sasha print
  4. flower child original illustration


wish i was here instead

so wishing i was on the beach right now. I have yet to take a summer vacation, minus one day trip to the mountains, and I am just counting down the seconds till I can have my toes in the sand! have a beautiful weekend!

photo by bueller designs, etsy shop here


blog love

garance dore. I have no idea what anything but her titles say (it's all french), but this is one of my most favorite blogs! Her illustrations are to die for and her fashion photographs are INCREDIBLE. She somehow manages to find the most natural, demure, fashionable street people to feature. Check out all the beauty her blog has to offer. enjoy!

jump straight to her blog here.


is this a mistake?

So I did it. Yesterday I bought my first pair of high-waisted shorts. They are very simple, dark denim with a buttoned-cuff. Why do I say first pair? I don't think I will have a need for more than one pair of these in my wardrobe. I am certainly nervous but I think paired with a simple tank or ruffly, feminine top, they could possibly work. My boyfriend seemed a bit skeptical when he came home and saw me sitting on the front porch with them on, but he'll come around. Above are a cute pair I found on Urban Outfitters and a picture of the loveliest girls ever, one of which has absolutely no problem pulling off this trend.

adorable ladies in Lyell boutique, NYC
Urban Outfitters Covet Bamboo High-Waist Shorts, $98



First post. My loveliest sister Liz set this blog up for me a few months ago and, honestly, I have just been to scared to get it started. I started reading and following a few blogs only about 6 months ago, so I am very new to the game. The ones I am most interested in have to do with design, home decor, crafts, diy, and fashion. I am not sure yet how to focus all of my varied interests into this one little space, so it is destined to change quite a bit and possibly be somewhat crazy. I am a high school art teacher and I have about four more weeks until i go back to work, so i am going to see how much i can get into this as a daily routine before then. Right now I assume I am the only one that will be reading any of these posts but I plan on reaching out to some of my fave bloggers to get some tips on how to get organized and do all the fun stuff.
i promise it will get better. xo.

above pretty image found here.