New Years II

This is the skirt that I have actually purchased to wear out on New Years Eve. I don't know about the top yet, just don't want to overdo it with that sequins skirt!

New Years Eve II by Heart and Crafts

New Years Countdown

My ideal outfit for a casual New Years Eve in with friends and loved ones. More outfits coming soon, outfits for being out on the town for the big night!

New Years Casual by Heart and Crafts

woodland beauties

Found these lovely photos over on thecherryblossomgirl blog. She took these of her two cousins; between the styling and the setting I think they are just lovely...

be sure to check out the rest of her blog. her photos are so inspiring.


sick and tired

Lots of sudafed, lots of tea, and lots of grits. Leaving town tomorrow for the coast for a few days. Here is a pic from our Holiday Party decorations. Happy Holidays!!!



best news ever. Garance Dore- one of my and so many other blog lovers favvvvvvorite blog ever just did something amazing- came out with an English version. I have spoke of Garance Dore on the blog before but if you have never visited for yourself you must do so- now. The fashion and photography is spectacular but my guilty pleasure are the incredible illustrations. So much talent from one person in such a small space. Aaaaaaah. Here is a sneak peak but as soon as you are done here you must directly head over to check out all of the loveliness that is Garance Dore.


favorite things

Things are slowly returning to normal around here. Submitted my work for the art show yesterday- my first ever, very exciting! Work is finally starting to slow down and soon we will be on holiday... can't come soon enough. I am starting to get into all my Christmas present making- now that my work for the show is finally gone- and I came across the greatest thing today. It is a gift guide on Etsy, they have tons of different ones, but the one I saw this morning (while I should have been teaching) incorporates my absolute favorite things- woodland and feathers. Here are some of my fave images from the guide and a link to check out all of the other guides, which are equally amazing.

Oh, and for the best news ever, I am currently typing this on MY BRAND NEW MACBOOK!!! It is the best Christmas gift to myself ever!!!!

oh deer moleskine journal by steppie
squirrel not included necklace by herflyinghorses
ladies are complicated print by alfalfa loves me