favorite things

Things are slowly returning to normal around here. Submitted my work for the art show yesterday- my first ever, very exciting! Work is finally starting to slow down and soon we will be on holiday... can't come soon enough. I am starting to get into all my Christmas present making- now that my work for the show is finally gone- and I came across the greatest thing today. It is a gift guide on Etsy, they have tons of different ones, but the one I saw this morning (while I should have been teaching) incorporates my absolute favorite things- woodland and feathers. Here are some of my fave images from the guide and a link to check out all of the other guides, which are equally amazing.

Oh, and for the best news ever, I am currently typing this on MY BRAND NEW MACBOOK!!! It is the best Christmas gift to myself ever!!!!

oh deer moleskine journal by steppie
squirrel not included necklace by herflyinghorses
ladies are complicated print by alfalfa loves me

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