Mint Mojito

Vacation! Leaving for the beach for a week in the morning. Time to relax, sip cool drinks, and soak up the sun. Have a lovely weekend!
PS above is an image from my recent NYC trip. Wonder Wheel at Coney Island.


sara paloma ceramics

how beautiful and simple is the work of sara paloma? i am always obsessed with pure white ceramics, but she has outdone herself with these forms. i have been taking a wheel throwing class and i have absolutely no idea how she pulls those long, delicate bottle necks. if you have ever worked on the wheel you know how hard it can be, and those look damn near impossible! as much i love it all (espescially the vertebrate vases), it is unfortunately quite out of my price range, sigh.

check out her work here at her etsy shop.



could she be any cuter? I want that entire outfit.

image via urban weeds... my new favorite street style blog, out of portland.


summer so far

some things i have been enjoying lately::

veggies from our garden

the nest in our fern

a new exhibit at the moma

an outdoor restaurant in nyc

lanterns and sun in the trees


bookworms never go to bed alone


I have been very lazy, but happy july! I am currently drooling over the work of New Zealand based artist Kelly Thompson. The work below is part of her current exhibit, Bookworms Never Go To Bed Alone, up at the Gorker Gallery in Melbourne. She is celebrating the awkward child that grew up in to the impossibly beautiful geek (swan). She is also an amazingly talented photographer, be sure to check out her website to see her entire collection of illustrations and photography in all its glory.

Summer has begun, and although I have kept incredibly busy with projects and having fun- I am not feeling like I have gotten anywhere! My to-do list is long and getting longer everyday. I think instead of crossing things off, I just keep adding to it. Currently working on:
  • album artwork for a friends band
  • painting for sisters room
  • decorating our new bedroom on a $75 budget
  • trying to get classes into some sort of organization for next school year
  • garden!
  • headbands
That is just the start. Also doing tons of yoga in order to try to relax and be able to actually enjoy my summer break a little bit. What is wrong with me?