weekend wars

Barely able to breath during the week. I feel like my thoughts, sounds, and feelings come only on the weekends now because I am so tired during the work week. Why does this third year teacher feel like a rookie drowning in her occupation? I am determined to pack as much creativity, productivity and beauty into the next two and a half days as possible. Plans? Tonight: dinner and drinks with my love (who is cooking, my sweet man), Tomorrow: visits with friends, making headbands, tagging ceramics, working on art for a show next month, finding and hanging curtains, framing new prints (yay!), Sunday: breakfast, finishing Saturday's lingering projects, laundry and grading. I can get it done... and it is strange that I honestly feel more relaxed with a huge to-do list than when I have a weekend of no plans stretching before me?

Found this precious blog today .deerling&ghostthings. Reading Lola's thoughts is just as enjoyable as perusing the amazing photographs. I have this overwhelming love for low-saturated, sometimes grainy photos. I will be checking in on this one often, I can tell. I'll just leave you with a preview.


too tired

Too tired to think this week. Work is getting the best of me, I think I am getting sick, and I am home alone because I am so busy that my boyfriend has to go out without me to get in any social time. Feeling worthless and lonely and blah. In need of some inspiration and some time to think/work/create.

And I didn't even get to celebrate the first week of fall. Sad.



Finally Friday. Feels like it has been the longest week ever. So I'll just leave you with this. Some Zooey DeAdorable via band of outsiders. Enjoy the weekend!


new loves

I posted these and these beauties about a month ago while I was doing my online therapy at anthropologie. Well I went back today and fell in love all over again. Hard. I have a new passion for wedges (especially wooden), curved heels, and big buttons. I can't really afford any of these, but I think I could possibly talk myself into buying at least a pair...for work.... right? And this is just the heels and wedges category, I haven't even gotten into the boots; that's for a later post. Commence drooling now.

See them in all their glory (plus more) here.


autumn setting

This looks like the perfect setting for these cooler pre-fall weekends. I need to be picking a date for a camping trip soon, come to think of it. Only a few more weeks until it will be to cold around here.
So many busy weekends coming up: dog-sitting (yay!), two weddings, visiting family, putting some artwork up at my alma mater, and hopefully a trip to IKEA. So it has been nice to have a relaxing weekend, we have been spending time with friends and family, playing some bocce and drinking beers, and soaking in some design star! Hope yours has been just as nice.

Happy Camper photo found here.


m.t. for band of outsiders

It has been all over the blogs this week but I just had to get my own post in. Marisa Tomei in the new fall 2009 photos for band of outsiders. Adorable, her and the wardrobe. But my real question is, where are these people getting all of the polaroid film?? Obviously not in NC. Here's my picks for the winners::

Check the rest out here.

tgif. time for a nap.


visual inspiration

Ok, so I have to admit that the photo project is not going very well. I would be getting a failing grade if I were one of my student's right now, and my only excuse? Life got in the way?

A poor excuse, but I am certainly finding inspiration at my new favorite collection of beauty, Mary Ruffles tumblr. Here are a few of my favorites.


tights and boots

They are starting to work their way out of the back of my closet and make an appearance. i would be happy to look just like this adorable girl every day this fall.

Image found at Mary Ruffles' tumbler, one of my new favorite spots for absolutely beautiful photos.