weekend wars

Barely able to breath during the week. I feel like my thoughts, sounds, and feelings come only on the weekends now because I am so tired during the work week. Why does this third year teacher feel like a rookie drowning in her occupation? I am determined to pack as much creativity, productivity and beauty into the next two and a half days as possible. Plans? Tonight: dinner and drinks with my love (who is cooking, my sweet man), Tomorrow: visits with friends, making headbands, tagging ceramics, working on art for a show next month, finding and hanging curtains, framing new prints (yay!), Sunday: breakfast, finishing Saturday's lingering projects, laundry and grading. I can get it done... and it is strange that I honestly feel more relaxed with a huge to-do list than when I have a weekend of no plans stretching before me?

Found this precious blog today .deerling&ghostthings. Reading Lola's thoughts is just as enjoyable as perusing the amazing photographs. I have this overwhelming love for low-saturated, sometimes grainy photos. I will be checking in on this one often, I can tell. I'll just leave you with a preview.

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