It has been one of those non-stop, 16-hour-days, body aching kind of weeks.  I am ready for the weekend but not quite ready to kick into weekend gear.  I'm taking some downtime before diving head first into what should be a few nice spring days complete with a wedding to attend, projects to complete, and a handful of new camera apps to play around with.  What are your weekend plans?

*above iphone photo edited with camera bag & phonto apps.


pretty pairings: peach and pastel

Now that Spring is officially here I am ready to dress in sweet pastels and neutrals all season long.  Gone are the days of layers of grey and black and back are sheer blouses and a softer palette.  I am a happy girl.  How great is the combination of this perfectly accessorized outfit and this paper garland in some of my favorite colors for the season?

outfit: eatsleepwear, garland: source unknown-sorry!


Welcoming spring!

Tomorrow is the first day of Spring (yaaaaaaay!), which is in a tie with Fall for my favorite season.  I think Spring wins out due to the anticipation of gardens, deck dinners, and cut-offs.  Hop on over to Collect&Carry to see all of the spring brights I pulled together just in time for the colorful season!



Today at work while preparing for a new unit for my art 3 class, I was reminded of the lovely work of Abstract Expressionist painter, Richard Diebenkorn.  Like some of my other favorite painters; Schiele, Freud, and Neel; his juxtaposition of linear elements with washes of color just makes me so happy.  I also love the complete breakdown from aerial landscapes all the way to angular color field paintings.  There's such a lovely evolution, almost decay, of his style throughout his work that is really just beautiful.  Makes me feel all fuzzy and inspired, which is a good thing considering all of the new projects we are about to be jumping into.  (more on those soon!)



Eeek!  You guys I am SO excited to share this news with you today.  It's the secret project I mentioned a few weeks ago and it's finally ready to be shared!  Collect & Carry is a new blog project that I am running with my sister, Liz, and our friend, Allison.  We are sharing our love for food, fashion, diy, crafts, home, garden, and design.  We are all official with our collectandcarry.com and it is like Heart&Craft on steroids!  Liz is a gardening guru and expert on all things delicious, while Allison is a vintage fanatic with a fabulous sense of style for both the home and body.  I'll be adding my modern touches and love for design, fashion, and crafting tutorials.  It is going to have something for everyone so please- stop by- share our link- pin our posts - add our boards - follow our tweets - friend us - tell your friends - and leave us some love!

PS. What does this mean for this little-love-child-blog of mine?  It's not going anywhere!  I may focus more on what we are doing in the shop, in our lives, and occasionally share with you the projects that I am posting over on C&C while still blasting you with all of my endless stream of inspiration from all over the place.  Sound good?  Good


Carry Through

Tonight my brain and body felt totally overwhelmed, exhausted, and uncooperative. I literally couldn't hold a thought for more than a few seconds without losing it or jumping to something else. So (after far too long in this state) I turned off the tv, the computer and the phone, and went into my studio. I sat for a bit, walked around for a while, wrote down some thoughts and tried to shut my mind down some. This is something I struggle with a lot but need to work on more. Just taking it easy, organizing ideas, making plans, and giving myself the time to carry them through.

Maybe I have a new years resolution after all.


a little affirmation

Sometimes after a long week, not much rest, some uncertainty about the future, and not much of a break in sight- all you need is a deep breath and a little banner to tell you things are going to be alright. I'd love to do some major decluttering of my studio and hang this right in the middle of a freshly painted wall.

affirmation banner by Secret Holiday Co.