Eeek!  You guys I am SO excited to share this news with you today.  It's the secret project I mentioned a few weeks ago and it's finally ready to be shared!  Collect & Carry is a new blog project that I am running with my sister, Liz, and our friend, Allison.  We are sharing our love for food, fashion, diy, crafts, home, garden, and design.  We are all official with our collectandcarry.com and it is like Heart&Craft on steroids!  Liz is a gardening guru and expert on all things delicious, while Allison is a vintage fanatic with a fabulous sense of style for both the home and body.  I'll be adding my modern touches and love for design, fashion, and crafting tutorials.  It is going to have something for everyone so please- stop by- share our link- pin our posts - add our boards - follow our tweets - friend us - tell your friends - and leave us some love!

PS. What does this mean for this little-love-child-blog of mine?  It's not going anywhere!  I may focus more on what we are doing in the shop, in our lives, and occasionally share with you the projects that I am posting over on C&C while still blasting you with all of my endless stream of inspiration from all over the place.  Sound good?  Good

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