palettes and projects

I am working on an exciting (and still secret) new venture with my sister and a good friend and I am finding loads of inspirations from these lovely color palettes.I can't wait to share more about this little project.

All amazing images from Color Collective.


twenty seven.

Happy Birthday to me.

I am enjoying my day at home being crafty (my ideal way to spend the day) and only leaving the house for a lunch out, grabbing a glass of wine later on, and meeting my husband for a downtown dinner. Last night we spent with my family who threw me the most fabulous birthday dinner complete with inspired decorations, a custom menu, absolutely delicious mini butterfinger cheesecakes, and the most exciting gift ever-- a cricut expressions 2. I think I squealed like a child upon opening this. I will be busy crafting while my cricut is busy cutting out my designs today!!

26 was a magical year; I got married, worked really hard on the shop and what felt like a million side projects, tried to get my head on straight for future projects, and enjoyed lots of time with my husband, family, friends, and sweet pup. I have big plans and big hopes for 27 and I have a feeling this year won't disappoint.


gifts to myself

Just in time for my upcoming (27th) birthday next week I was excited to see that this top was back in stock on ModCloth... so I ordered it for myself. I have never been one to gift myself but this year it seemed appropriate. Instead of going out looking for a sparkly birthday outfit I will just sit by the door and hope this gem gets delivered in time.
Oh and here are a few more things I'd love to gift myself this year.five golden rings from etsy seller Fork Whisperer.honeycomb large tote (unfortunately sold) by Jenna Rose.

top: cake pom collection by Potter+Butler.


ode to helen

I was sad to hear of the passing of American painter Helen Frankenthaler last month so I wanted to do a wordless tribute to her and her beautiful work today.


happy birthday dad!!

Happy Birthday to the guy who is the most grounded, secure, and comforting man I have ever met while still managing to also be the life of the party. You some how survived raising three daughters and a son and imparted your wisdom on us all along the way- but in your quiet approach of actions over words- which I appreciate more than I can ever say.

You have taught me the important things like the joys of hard work and the ways of finances, home-ownership, and keeping a bank account in the positive (after forgiving a few overdraft notices in the early years). And the fun things like how much cooler vinyl feels and sounds than a cd or ipod; that you will always play better in a yard game like bocce if you are balanced out by a beer in the other hand; that ipa's might just be better than pbr's; and that you're never too old to start the dance party. But most importantly the little things like sometimes it is okay to say no when you feel like you're running in a million different directions at once; and that sometimes its also okay to forgive and forget, even when you don't know how things will turn out.

Thank you for all of the lessons, spoken and unspoken, but most of all- thank you for loving us and our mom so. damn. much.


fog inspired

Inspired by today's fog and rainy weather here in North Carolina, some white and grey etsy finds. This type of weather calls for some tomato soup and grilled cheese, and getting cozy on the couch.

porcelain twig, hanging planter, tote, calendar.


birthday month and little treats

January is my birthday month and with it falling right after the holiday season it is sometimes hard to get excited about, so I was pleasantly surprised last week when I received this little treat in the mail from Anthropologie. Even though I may not actually get around to spending any money on myself this month, I always love the packaging and design from this company. Its like unwrapping a gift just opening the envelope, sliding the little cardboard insert out and seeing how it was all put together. Well done again, Anthro.


Meditation in the Park

Today I wanted to share a poster design I created for a local event that took place on New Years Day. It was a community meditation in one of our downtown parks. For the poster I wanted to go completely illustrative and hand drawn. I did a watercolor background and then designed a graphic that was supposed to be kind of a cross between a snowflake and a mandala- to represent the season and the idea of meditation all in one. I didn't make it to the event (I spent the first day of the year lounging on our couch...) but I know it was a beautiful, sunny day here in NC so I hope it was a huge success.


why hello there, 2012

Two-thousand and eleven was a big year for us. In addition to several trips with friends and family, some major work to the shop and our brand, participating in four craft markets, and work and school we also got married! It's been a whirlwind of a year with lots to do and very little downtime in between, but we wouldn't have had it any other way. It's been fun looking through some of our memories of the past year and here are a few of my favorites:

I am proud of where we've come and what we've done in the last year. I am starting this new one with a clear head and a clean studio space, all while being healthy, happy, and loved-which is more than I could ever ask for. And just like I did for 2011, I will not make a list of resolutions and goals for 2012 but will go forward with anticipation and excitement for some big changes, big work, big fun, and big ambitions. Bring it on '12!