happy birthday dad!!

Happy Birthday to the guy who is the most grounded, secure, and comforting man I have ever met while still managing to also be the life of the party. You some how survived raising three daughters and a son and imparted your wisdom on us all along the way- but in your quiet approach of actions over words- which I appreciate more than I can ever say.

You have taught me the important things like the joys of hard work and the ways of finances, home-ownership, and keeping a bank account in the positive (after forgiving a few overdraft notices in the early years). And the fun things like how much cooler vinyl feels and sounds than a cd or ipod; that you will always play better in a yard game like bocce if you are balanced out by a beer in the other hand; that ipa's might just be better than pbr's; and that you're never too old to start the dance party. But most importantly the little things like sometimes it is okay to say no when you feel like you're running in a million different directions at once; and that sometimes its also okay to forgive and forget, even when you don't know how things will turn out.

Thank you for all of the lessons, spoken and unspoken, but most of all- thank you for loving us and our mom so. damn. much.

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