ladies of halloween

Here's hoping your holiday is as stylish and awesome as these haunting ladies.

a birthday board

So I totally failed on taking photos at my sisters birthday. That's why it is a week later and I am just getting some sort of excuse for a post up. After all of the crafting, planning, baking, and partying we did I am pretty disappointed by my lack of photo documentation. That's how it always seems to go though- the more you plan the less you remember to take the camera out!

Here is what I could scrounge up to share with you- believe me though- this party was much more epic than what you see here.
Above: the birthday girl in all her hippie glory, the most incredible salted caramel cupcakes by my other talented sister (read about them here), the sisters in our crafted head gear, and the pinata I put together.

**Not pictured: facepainting, whiskey drinking, donut eating contest, pinata busting, tarot card reading in an sheet-tent, crafting with feathers, buttons, herbs, and twine, beautiful flowers, golden pumpkins, a mantle adorned with branches, and lots and lots of food.

The night was wonderful and the smile on my sisters face (for 6 hours straight) made all the work worth it. Love you rabbit.


a birthday and a giveaway

Hello to any readers who are visiting from A Subtle Revelry where Victoria is featuring a giveaway of some of my work today!
I adore the blog and am so excited to be a part of a fun giveaway! You can win $40 to spend on anything in my shop just by leaving a comment over on her post. I also want to offer 20% off to any ASR readers in my hop this week. Just enter code "giveaway" at checkout! Happy shopping!

Now on to business- a very very HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY to my lovely sister! I didn't get this up yesterday because I was having to much fun celebrating with you!
Tomorrow I'll be sharing a few shots from my hippie-princess-sister's birthday party this past weekend.


weekend recall part one

As I shared last week, we had a pretty action packed weekend. One of the highlights of it was that on Sunday afternoon we drove up towards the NC mountains to watch the mass ascension of hot air balloons at the Carolina BalloonFest. I have had a long running obsession with hot air balloons so this was pretty magical to me.
The weather was perfect and we ate a greasy bloomin' onion as we watched about thirty hot air balloons inflate and take flight all around us. I was amazed at how close the spectators were allowed to be to the balloons and was mesmerized by some of the really beautiful designs. (This is not including the huge advertisements or 200-foot tall US Constitution). We took what seemed like a million photos but here are some of my favorite shots on my phone. Gotta love those apps.


weekend invites

It's been a busy week that is leading into an equally busy weekend. Tomorrow we head to a wedding before going to celebrate my older sister's birthday! We have more fun events planned for Sunday but I'll wait and see how they pan out before sharing.
I did want to share the invitation I created for my sister's birthday party though. She decided at twenty-eight that she wanted to throw herself a real birthday celebration. With games, crafts, face-painting, and fortune-telling. It is going to be a bit of a vintage-inspired fall festival. As I said before, we are having quite a hard time pinpointing a description for this so hopefully I will get some great photos that will explain it a little better. Happy Birthday (weekend) Sister! Love you!


shop update

A few weeks after my preview, I finally have new work listed in the shop! It has been oh so busy around here and this update is certainly overdue but I am just happy to be able to share them with you!
triangles print
chevron gradient cards

We are working like mad on lots of different projects, designs, parties, and future plans and it is an exciting time to be heart&craft. And of course we wouldn't have it any other way.

first image: modern aztec print


boot call

It seems like this is the time of year that my boot lust sets in big time. This year my the cravings have taken on many forms, from colorful details and sweater trim, to plaid and straps, to color blocking and heels. I have found so many different styles and options this season, and this is just the tip of the iceberg folks.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.


party pins

It seems like we are in full party/wedding season around here and we are excited to now be planning and creating for my sisters upcoming birthday party. Since we have yet to coin an appropriate name for the event (our pinterest board is named hippie vintage fall-fest dead people party, if that gives you any idea), here are some of our inspiration pins. I am so excited to see how it all comes together this weekend.
outfit inspiration via contributor magazine.
snacks like roasted pumpkin seeds.
hair crafts.
and the scene that might just pull it all together.

see the entire board here. first image.


fall engagement party

This weekend we had the honor of hosting an engagement party for our dear friends, Jordan & Stacy. We loved having them in our wedding and are so excited to help them get ready for their own!

The theme of the party was simply inspired by the colors of fall. We are smack in the middle of that perfect North Carolina autumn weather that is perfect but so fleeting. We got to light up the fire pit, pull a table of food outside, and wrap up in warm sweaters while we all celebrated. Here are a autumn inspired details we put together for the party.
Fringed garlands and hanging paper decorations.
Golden pumpkins that were so simple and so pretty.
A floral gradient.
Candy corn favor bags that I made after falling in love with these.


home printing

I have seen this amazing diy twice in the last 24 hours- glassine bags printed on a home printer. So what did I do on my sick day? Go to the store and buy glassine bags. We are hosting an engagement party this weekend and these will make the perfect favor bags. I still have lots of styling and crafting left to do for the party but will share some of the highlights here once it all comes together!
Pretzel tots bag by the amazing melanie of youaremyfave.

confetti bags by the equally awesome jordan of oh happy day!

sick day

I am home sick today which means I may actually be able to catch up on some work around home. But let's not kid anyone, my main goals for the day really include wrapping up in a big sweater, drinking tea, and possibly making some lentil soup- if I feel up to it, of course.

I should be back later with real blog stuff.

photo- sorry I can't find original credit for this one!


be still my heart

My hand-painted-flag-loving-heart that is. These new pieces by Jeff Canham for The Standard Hotels make me weak in the knees. The series is 26 nautical flags, inspired by his time as a surfer, one for each letter of the alphabet. This is what happens when craft and graphic design have a baby- and I love it. Read all about them here and buy them (for me) here.

*Seen on design*sponge.


autumn at zara

I know I've been posting a lot about fall fashion lately but I can't stop being inspired by the cozy knits and thoughts of layering up. I have always found, however, that it is much harder for me to feel cute, fashionable, etc in the colder months because all I want to do is throw on an oversized mens sweater and my moccasins. Its not as easy and effortless to feel put together like in the spring and summer when all you have to do is put on a colorful skirt and paint your nails. But these outfits from Zara have done cool weather dressing right- all the way down to the elbow patches.Do you have any cool weather dressing tips you'd like to share? I'd love to hear your ideas.


fall shop preview

We had a wonderful response to our work at the market we did this weekend and met some amazing, inspiring local artists as well. Such a refreshing weekend after a lot of prep work! We debuted some new prints and cards that I hope to get listed in the shop soon but until then here is a little preview of what fall has inspired us to create. I will let you know when the shop has been updated. We are excited about what is ahead.