summer's end

I can feel fall starting to creep into the air. Maybe I am just willing it here, because the days are still long and hot... but things are changing. Mornings are cool and the breeze seems to blow a little stronger. Enjoy your last summer nights!

Images via Bliss.


one cute girl, sixteen cute looks

Immediately get yourself over to Old Heart, New Soul; the shop of mother and daughter team Tamara and Shea. I'll let their shop description speak for itself:

"Together they have scoured estate sales and shops across the globe, gleaning inspiration from decades past and present, to form Old Soul, New Heart - a collection of meticulously hand-crafted accessories that breathe new life into vintage finds and unique pieces."

I would just love to put some of these ruffles and bows on myself. Oh and isn't Shea the cutest model? And that red lipstick??



So here is a preview of the project I spoke of a couple days ago. I assigned my photo class a "photo a day" project to get them back into the habit of using the cameras and being creative on a daily basis. I decided to embark on the project myself and am taking three photos a day. On day 3 there is not much to report, though I can tell it will get harder as time goes on. I have only photographed objects around the house so far and here are a few of my favorites. unedited- don't judge.



cute. i have been contemplating some origami crane tattoos.....

ps. I've had this image of this adorable girl on my computer for so long that I can't remember where it came from. I know she had a great flickr though. Sorry.

pps. New project coming tomorrow!


shot to the heart!

in love.

i want. i want. i want.

seriously, my heart hurts to have these. too bad they are sold out.

found here.


cake love

How beautifully simple are these cakes by Rachel of HeartofLight? I am obsessed with those skinny pink candles on the first one. I am not much of a baker, but these are a work of art in my opinion. The rest of her blog is equally as delicious, promise. Happy Saturday dears!


weekend colors

I have noticed a quite a bit of yellow and green popping up in my images from the weekend so far. From the green succulents and basil to the yellow heliopsis blooms and fresh lemons, I think these hues reflect my mood. I feel the yellow happiness radiating out of me ever since my other half returned yesterday, I couldn't feel more complete. Hope yours has been just as wonderful!


Michael Arras Furniture

Loving the work of Michael Arras. See it here in his etsy shop. It is fun and whimsical with a definite mid-century flair. I can see the circles table in my living room... aah, dreams!

Happy news, the mister is home today from two months on tour! I am looking forward to a long weekend of sleeping in, cuddling, making dinner, catching a friends show, and catching up with my love before I have go back to work next week (the sad news). Hope your weekend is relaxing and lovely!


love storm!

how exciting to be in the midst of a love storm.

cannot remember the source, sorry!


Got this adorable peacock feather dress at forever 21 yesterday. For only 22.90 I couldn't resist. Now I need to be taken on a sweet date so I will have somewhere to where it...

Oh and doesn't it remind you of the Matthew Williamson print on the long dress that I posted the other day? Steal!


Matthew Williamson Pre-Fall 09

I know I have been talking about fashion a lot lately, but with an upcoming change of season it is hard not to get inspired by all the pretty fall looks. These are some absolutely gorgeous ones from the Matthew Williamson Pre-Fall 2009 Collection. Loving the steely grays, the peacock feather pattern, and the bejeweled necklines. Check it all out here.


living on heirloms

I cannot tell you how elated I am that the garden is now here in full force. I am enjoying these cherry and purple cherokee tomatoes with fresh basil almost every lunch and dinner. Along with that we have cucumbers, peppers, squash, eggplant, and a variety of herbs. I also used a few cups of the basil (three different types!) to make a batch of pesto this week. Some fresh and the rest frozen in a heart-shaped ice cube tray, I think it will make many delicious dinners. mmmmmmmm.......

a few more i could not resist

Let's just add a bit to that post from yesterday. There were far to many pieces to choose from and I cannot stop thinking about them!


who needs a therapist

With school coming back into session in just two weeks, I am beginning to get the itch do some work wardrobe shopping. I have to dress up for work because I am a teacher..... but I am an art teacher, so I give myself a little leniency in the "professional" department, and opt for a little more fun. Having bought a house and not having work all summer has not left my bank account in the position for doing any major retail trips, so I have eased myself today by spending the last hour on the anthropologie website drooling over the romantic ruffles and neutral shades. Here is just a smidgen of the damage I would do if I could actually afford this stuff, wouldn't it make the sweetest back to work wardrobe?



this photo collage by mrs. french of the bliss blog. it makes me feel caaaaalm. check out the rest of her lovely blog here. have a lovely weekend!


getting it back together

Back from vacation, it was a gloriously relaxing weekend. Now I am trying to get it all back in gear to go back to teaching in two weeks! aah! But the mister returns in 10 days and I couldn't be more excited! Two months on tour is not girlfriend friendly at all, especially when you've just bought a house and have a million hours worth of work to do.

Anywhoooo, here is some none-work-related work I have been up to. Just distracting myself from classroom organizing and lesson planning. I am actually making these for a welcome home part for mr when he gets back. It will be a Taco-Bar and Cerveza party and I thought these little pennants would go perfectly. For now they are hanging in my studio, and I think they fit in fairly well. This is only about a third of the entire piece, I made this small one for the front of our deck trellis and a longer one for the inside.

Super easy project, spent about nine dollars on scrapbook paper sheets and twine. Hope you like em!