getting it back together

Back from vacation, it was a gloriously relaxing weekend. Now I am trying to get it all back in gear to go back to teaching in two weeks! aah! But the mister returns in 10 days and I couldn't be more excited! Two months on tour is not girlfriend friendly at all, especially when you've just bought a house and have a million hours worth of work to do.

Anywhoooo, here is some none-work-related work I have been up to. Just distracting myself from classroom organizing and lesson planning. I am actually making these for a welcome home part for mr when he gets back. It will be a Taco-Bar and Cerveza party and I thought these little pennants would go perfectly. For now they are hanging in my studio, and I think they fit in fairly well. This is only about a third of the entire piece, I made this small one for the front of our deck trellis and a longer one for the inside.

Super easy project, spent about nine dollars on scrapbook paper sheets and twine. Hope you like em!

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