pattern project update || no. 9 & 10

It's been far too long but I am here today with lots of patterns to share! After weeks of homework, several client project deadlines, and a little bit of traveling, I have come to the conclusion that a Monday deadline for posting patterns just might not work for my current schedule. It's not worth feeling guilty over and I really do want to share what I am working on when I get the chance to. That being said, I am going to lessen the pressure on myself and change this self-initiated project from Motif Mondays to simply, Pattern Project,  in hopes that I can simply share some of my work with you here, when time allows. Sound good?

Here are a few patterns I created for a baby shower for my brothers' girlfriend who is having my nephew any. day. now. She is the cutest, sweetest, greatest thing so I can't wait to meet the little one that she is about to bring into the world. Updates on that will certainly follow, I'm already planning a birth announcement- whether they want one or not!

And here are some really simple, Spring-inspired patterns I recently used in a card design.


motif mondays | no.8

Hello! I am once again a day late but this week I am officially revolting against the cold and rain and never-ending winter we are experiencing. Instead I am putting my brightest, most-Springy pattern up to hopefully lure in some warmer temperatures and some sunshine. This piece was inspired by the upcoming seasons, sandals, and outside events like picnics and food truck fairs.

Things are supposed to thaw out some here over the next few days and I hope that it helps get me back into a better routine of exercise and healthy eating, like some of the fruits pictured above. Here's to some sunshine!


motif mondays | no.7

I guess I should start titling this motif tuesdays, or motif biweekly, since I never seem to get my patterns up on Mondays. Maybe Mondays are just one of those days when you have far to many ambitious projects planned, in addition to school and life and being in the sunshine, and blog posts are just not on that top priority list. So I am giving myself a break but here is a really simple, recent pattern I worked on while our town was covered in ice and and branches of trees were breaking and falling all over our roof; leaving us without power for a few days. It sounds awful but now just three days later it is sunny and seventy degrees and while I'm still catching up with things from our time away (more on our SF trip soon!) I am just happy for the little bits of spring peeking through.

This was probably my most rambling blog post ever, here is a pattern for you. Winter trees.


motif monday | no.6

I've been working on this pattern for another school project but I can't stop thinking about it because we are about to go on an adventure! We leave in two days for a week-long trip to the Bay Area with stays in San Francisco, Oakland, and Berkley. We also plan to do some exploring of the coast and hope to drive through some of the Redwoods. I am so excited- like those little kids on the old Disney commercial, remember that one? I'm too excited to sleep! It's been a long time since we went on a real vacation just the two of us and we are ready to check out a completely new (to me) part of the country.

If you have any travel suggestions or must-see spots for the Bay Area please leave a comment and let me know!


motif monday | no.5

Well, I have already missed a week in my motifs! Like I said in my last post, things were getting pretty hectic here and I have been playing catch up for a couple of weeks. But I am here to share and I'll be back later in the week with another pattern and more in-depth post.  Today's floral pattern is an older, but personal favorite of mine, a design I created for my little sister's wedding invitation suite. I had the pleasure of working with her to create the entire suite for her wedding back in August and I think (hope) we really got her vision and color palette across with this design. I love nothing more than a floral pattern so it really was a dream to sketch these up and then turn them into the full invitation set. I'll try to post some photos of that soon, too! Enjoy!


motif monday | no.4

Just realizing that my next few days are going to be super busy and rather than freak out and do nothing (that's normal, right?) I wanted to pop in and share a quick pattern. No breakdown or fancy details, just a very simple design inspired by this month's day of LOVE. This is something I created for a dear friend for an upcoming event she has, check out her new blog here.

I haven't done much of it yet, but I am excited to browse through Valentines Day inspired imagery so I can get some new cards and artwork made this week.



I turned twenty-nine last Thursday and as I round the corner into the last year of my twenties I am not quite sure I am ready to reminisce about all that I have done/not done in the last decade. I did, however, have a great birthday (three days straight of celebrating) thanks to my husband, family, and great friends. We saw an amazing show that's currently up at at SECCA (South Eastern Center for Contemporary Art); it included some amazing graphic design, infographics, typography and book design- so right up my alley. You can see a few more peeks from the events on my instagram.

In other news...

  • I was honored to be have a short piece written about me in our local independent paper. See the full article here.
  • I am excited to have my art and cards for sale in this wonderful boutique/shop/coworking space.
  • Super thrilled to attend this talk on Wednesday night and hear one of my favorite designers speak about her craft. 


motif monday | no.3

This pattern is one I am still working on for a school project I am doing on an international product. My product is from India so I researched traditional patterns and textiles from the country and found so much beautiful inspiration!  The colors in my actual product packaging are much brighter but I took my cue for this palette from the Orla Kiely outfits below. 


orla kiely

If you've visited this blog or my website anytime lately you know of my love for prints, patterns, and color. Funnily enough, however, my wardrobe is almost void of all three of those things at the moment. I used to dress in bright colors, layering all sorts of crazy patterns; but I've found that my style has gotten significantly more simple over the last few years (ie: boring). That's why I love these Orla Kiely pieces. There is just enough color with a balance of neutrals and some fun patterns over simple silhouettes. Just what I need to spice up my otherwise ho-hum attire. And how great do those Fall pieces above transition into the Spring/Summer looks below? 


motif monday | no.2

Happy Monday everyone! I'm back with my second week of my illustrated patterns. This is an adaptation of some work I did for a holiday box wrap for a client. Even though the holidays are over, I think the cool colors in this design are still appropriate for our chilly January weather. Speaking of weather, I am more than ready for this winter season to pass- it has been a cold one here in NC! My husband has had to put up with me complaining about how unfair having a January birthday is. No fun outdoor activities, no camping trips or pool parties, just trying to stay bundled up, which is also not conducive to fun birthday outfits. Ha! But enough complaints from me, enjoy the rest of your week!


motif monday | no.1

I often find myself working on new patterns and motifs of repeated designs and illustrations either for a client, a school project, or just for practice. Playing with positive and negative space, balance, and repetition is honestly one of my favorite things to do. It's like exercise for my brain, it's a work out that leaves me feeling renewed and stronger. I know that sounds kind of silly but I really do love it, and since I have so many of these patterns stored on my computer, I thought I'd start sharing some of them here. Each Monday (hopefully) I'll be posting a new pattern here. Either something I've saved from another project or something I just whipped up for fun. Colors may be changed to better display here and I'll let you know what the pattern was a part of. 

This design is one I created for a school project that was a direct mail piece for our downtown farmer's market. I used the pattern on parts of the background of this multi-paged piece. (I'll let you know when I have photos of the final piece up on my site). I illustrated all of the produce and items and tried to do a mix of irregular, organic drawings with some perfectly geometric ones. I duplicated and repeated the items several times until I had a playful mix of shapes and space. Since this was simply a school project, and not something for a client, I may hold on to this design and try to use it again for something else. Maybe fabric? Anyways, thanks for letting me share. Hope you enjoy!


bundled up

It's kind of funny that my Friday post was talking about my desire to move with a quick pace and steady productivity as we enter 2014; because right now all I really want to do is cuddle up on the couch with a cup of tea and a good book. Maybe it's the 18 degree temperatures we've been experiencing, or the end of a long winter break, but I am in serious nesting mode. I've found myself wanting to be surrounded by warm woods and metals, rich textures, and neutral colors. Here are a few of the things I am craving for a cozy home and wardrobe. Stay warm friends!


forward in 2014

Just like everyone else this week, I have spent some time reflecting on the year past and thinking about the one ahead. I liked the idea I've seen around the web of choosing one word to focus on this year instead of creating a list of lofty goals or resolutions. One word feels more attainable as well as more intentional, that word should be something that sort of encompasses all of your goals and hopes for the year. So after tossing around a few different words for my 2014, I have chosen FORWARD.

There are a lot of reasons why I think the word forward is appropriate for me for the upcoming year but most importantly it is because it is the direction I want to constantly be moving. If 2013 was for big changes, embracing opportunities and for learning to be quiet still while letting the Universe sort of speak to me, than 2014 is for grabbing my future with two anxious hands and running full speed ahead. Forward means I have no time to dwell in the past, to let anxiety or fear over-take me, because I am moving far too quickly for that. Forward means I am packing light and moving on. Clutter and non-essentials will not fit in my carry-on so they're just going to have to be left behind. Forward means my husband and I will be making big plans and taking on some big new adventures. Forward means motion in the physical sense to, creating more momentum and activity in my day-to-day routine to help keep me healthy and balanced while keeping up with this pace. Forward means instead of getting bogged down in the day-to-day details of life and letting them fill my time, I will devote more time to focus on what I want my future to look, feel, and sound like. I will take intentional steps to work towards that future. Two-thousand fourteen will be a good year, a year in motion.

I feel like I've taken a big step towards this goal already with the launch of my new site and am ready to take a few more steps forward into this big, brand-new year.

*I found great inspiration for choosing my 2014 word and for this post from here, here, and here.

photo from our trip this summer to the NC Outer Banks and design by me.