forward in 2014

Just like everyone else this week, I have spent some time reflecting on the year past and thinking about the one ahead. I liked the idea I've seen around the web of choosing one word to focus on this year instead of creating a list of lofty goals or resolutions. One word feels more attainable as well as more intentional, that word should be something that sort of encompasses all of your goals and hopes for the year. So after tossing around a few different words for my 2014, I have chosen FORWARD.

There are a lot of reasons why I think the word forward is appropriate for me for the upcoming year but most importantly it is because it is the direction I want to constantly be moving. If 2013 was for big changes, embracing opportunities and for learning to be quiet still while letting the Universe sort of speak to me, than 2014 is for grabbing my future with two anxious hands and running full speed ahead. Forward means I have no time to dwell in the past, to let anxiety or fear over-take me, because I am moving far too quickly for that. Forward means I am packing light and moving on. Clutter and non-essentials will not fit in my carry-on so they're just going to have to be left behind. Forward means my husband and I will be making big plans and taking on some big new adventures. Forward means motion in the physical sense to, creating more momentum and activity in my day-to-day routine to help keep me healthy and balanced while keeping up with this pace. Forward means instead of getting bogged down in the day-to-day details of life and letting them fill my time, I will devote more time to focus on what I want my future to look, feel, and sound like. I will take intentional steps to work towards that future. Two-thousand fourteen will be a good year, a year in motion.

I feel like I've taken a big step towards this goal already with the launch of my new site and am ready to take a few more steps forward into this big, brand-new year.

*I found great inspiration for choosing my 2014 word and for this post from here, here, and here.

photo from our trip this summer to the NC Outer Banks and design by me.

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