motif monday | no.1

I often find myself working on new patterns and motifs of repeated designs and illustrations either for a client, a school project, or just for practice. Playing with positive and negative space, balance, and repetition is honestly one of my favorite things to do. It's like exercise for my brain, it's a work out that leaves me feeling renewed and stronger. I know that sounds kind of silly but I really do love it, and since I have so many of these patterns stored on my computer, I thought I'd start sharing some of them here. Each Monday (hopefully) I'll be posting a new pattern here. Either something I've saved from another project or something I just whipped up for fun. Colors may be changed to better display here and I'll let you know what the pattern was a part of. 

This design is one I created for a school project that was a direct mail piece for our downtown farmer's market. I used the pattern on parts of the background of this multi-paged piece. (I'll let you know when I have photos of the final piece up on my site). I illustrated all of the produce and items and tried to do a mix of irregular, organic drawings with some perfectly geometric ones. I duplicated and repeated the items several times until I had a playful mix of shapes and space. Since this was simply a school project, and not something for a client, I may hold on to this design and try to use it again for something else. Maybe fabric? Anyways, thanks for letting me share. Hope you enjoy!


Dianna said...

This one's really beautiful. I love your patterns, Kat!

kat_jackson said...

Thank you so much, Dianna!