a birthday board

So I totally failed on taking photos at my sisters birthday. That's why it is a week later and I am just getting some sort of excuse for a post up. After all of the crafting, planning, baking, and partying we did I am pretty disappointed by my lack of photo documentation. That's how it always seems to go though- the more you plan the less you remember to take the camera out!

Here is what I could scrounge up to share with you- believe me though- this party was much more epic than what you see here.
Above: the birthday girl in all her hippie glory, the most incredible salted caramel cupcakes by my other talented sister (read about them here), the sisters in our crafted head gear, and the pinata I put together.

**Not pictured: facepainting, whiskey drinking, donut eating contest, pinata busting, tarot card reading in an sheet-tent, crafting with feathers, buttons, herbs, and twine, beautiful flowers, golden pumpkins, a mantle adorned with branches, and lots and lots of food.

The night was wonderful and the smile on my sisters face (for 6 hours straight) made all the work worth it. Love you rabbit.

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