designed: bathroom

Ever since we bought the house over a year ago, I have put off doing anything in the bathroom because I was waiting until we could do everything. Everything would include new shower, new tile, new floors, new vanity, lighting and sinks. A year later I have finally realized those plans are nowhere in our new future for time, budget, and man power reasons, so I have decided it is finally time to do some decorating. I am tired of the all-white bathroom with outdated fixtures and a shower curtain I have had since college. Here is what I have come up with for inspiration and where it all came from:
I began my inspiration board with two prints that I am ordering from artist Leah Duncan's etsy shop, which I posted about here. They are Hills and Darling, I'm Leaving, and I think they are going to fit our little house perfectly. We already knew we wanted gray walls and picked up a gallon of extra Valspar Nimbus Cloud that my sister had left over from her recent house buy. From there I pulled the honey and aqua accent colors from the prints they will be used in small accents around the room. After searching through curtains, fabric, and even tablecloths; I think I have decided to go with a white shower curtain that I will add some of my own illustrated prints to. This way I can add some color and design without it being overwhelming. We'll finish with gray towels and a rug and possibly some new jars or accessories like the ones pictured above from Ikea. Seems easy enough, right? Ok, we'll see and I will let you know how it turns out.

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