Total blog-failure this week. Got caught up in the excitement of the engagement and summer and have not been lounging around the internet to much- which is a good thing! But I miss this little haven and wanted to get back- so here are some of my recent favorite shop finds on etsy. Soon all the searching will turn into inspiration for wedding crafts- so I need to share these while I can!

Ruby's Lounge. These resin deer heads are amazing! I have a feeling that the photos don't really do them their full justice. They just look incredible and I would put one up in my house in an instant!

The artwork of theblackapple shop. Love, love, love these prints! I am drawn to the animals and creatures but their are also some great side-show themed ones that are great and will definitely be making their way here in the form of Christmas gifts for friends.

And finally, the great pie-chart inspired jewelry of StudioFludd. As an artist, I am almost embarrassed to say I was always pretty good at math and these necklace could really bring out the geometry geek in me!

That's all for now, I am still on a strict shopping diet so no etsy purchases for me right now but these will definitely stay on my wishlist.

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