knee deep

It has been a busy week. One with lots of messes, very little cleaning, swimming pools, friends, and a few good meals thrown in there. We are knee-deep in the bathroom redecoration and I can't wait for the artwork to arrive! We are also leaving tomorrow to celebrate our 5th anniversary! I am excited to spend a day on the beach and a nice night out with my favorite person in the world.

It will be a short trip as we need to get back to finish the bathroom and move on to bigger, scarier kitchen renovations. We finally went down to Ikea and made final decisions on sinks, counter tops, and accessories. Now we just need a big ole' SUV and a contractor to finish the job. I also have some exciting custom orders to work on when we get home and I am anxious and ready to get back in the studio and get some work made, it feels like it has been a long couple of unproductive weeks in that department.
Above: shower-curtain custom stenciling in progress. Finished bathroom pictures to come!


heyrabbit said...

your room makeover looks so much more fun than mine. want to come replace and paint molding when you get back from vacation?

katbird said...

of course I will help you with painting and decorating! i am on the prowl for your tone on tone creamy room!