summer dinner

One of my favorite parts about being off in the summer is being able to cook and then enjoy our meals outside. This summer has been so busy so far that I have not done much in the way of cooking and decided to remedy that yesterday by making a massive grocery store run. Besides what has been coming out of our garden we have had pretty much no food around here for two weeks- hence the lack of gourmet meals. But my craving for avocado and tomato sandwiches got to me yesterday and I had to drop some cash and refill our cupboards.

Last night we made two pizzas, using store bought crust, homemade sauce and tomatoes and herbs from our gardens. I know the store bought crusts are a cheat but I am just not really into baking in the summer, it feels like more of a cozy winter activity to me, plus I honestly have not mastered the pizza crust and store bought ones just taste a little better still...
The first of the two pies was a caesar salad pizza, I know it sounds gross but we get it at Mellow Mushroom and it is delicious! I just baked the crust with a little bit of olive oil and garlic, while toasting the croutons, and made the salad and set to the side to marinate. After the crust had cooled for a few minutes I topped it with the salad and croutons.
The second was an easy old margherita pizza with sauce I made from crushed tomatoes, garlic, and oregano- and then topped that with chunks of mozzarella and large tomatoes from the garden and basil once it came out of the oven. Both were easy and scrumptious and made even better with a glass of white wine.

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