wednesday wish list

I think it has been a while since I did a Wednesday Wish List, mostly because I am trying to be on a strict shopping diet. Rules of this diet include:
  • Groceries and home needs are ok
  • New craft supplies allowed only if I am selling more than I am buying
  • No new clothing (unless second-hand or vintage)
  • Home renovation supplies will come out of what I have been saving for a while (for kitchen and bathroom)
  • I may accept gifts (haha, fedora I need for summer<--- got that Justin??)
However, while I am on this shopping diet- online window shopping is perfectly ok. And in that case, I want I want I waaaaant one of these absolutely perfect for me, for you necklaces. They are reminiscent of those braided friendship bracelets we all made as kids and I adore them. Good news is, I won't be able to slip up and order one because they are currently all sold out- darn! But I do have a 5-year anniversary coming up if someone needs gift ideas...
On another note, after an afternoon tear-fueled pity party yesterday, I found this article and it's advice incredibly uplifting and helpful.

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