handmade birthdays

As you may have already read on here, I got to help celebrate two very special birthdays this past weekend: my dear friend Ashley and my lovely little sister Sarah. Being that I am out of work for the summer and have much more down-time, I wanted to contribute as many handmade elements as I could to each of their days. Yes, these gifts aren't for me per se, but I think I get just as much out of the process as they do with the final results!

For Ashleigh, the mister and I created a terrarium complete with rocks, moss, succulents, a feather, and some miniature dessert creatures. This was my tamed down (vegetarian-friendly) version of what Ash really wanted for her birthday- a pigs head in a jar...
And to go along with the theme of her birthday we made some mustache cupcake-toppers and colorful banners. I couldn't have done all of it without the help of Justin, who stepped right up to craft with me::All the girls also got fabric flowers for their hair that I made a few months back. I think everything was a hit.
Tomorrow I'll share some moments from our second birthday celebration of the weekend.

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adorable mustaches~