weather stories

We have been getting rain here pretty much every afternoon this month. Sometimes a light summer shower and sometimes torrential downpours. This has meant that I have not had to spend any time setting up sprinklers or watering my garden, but it has also meant very few grilled veggie dinners- which makes me sad.

Yesterday started out thick and humid, and one of those mornings that I just couldn't get things going right. By 11 I had spilled coffee all over myself, made three detours because I couldn't decide where I was going to go, and made it to the gym without my socks and sports bra. But things started looking up when I met my sister Liz and friend Allison in the park for a late brunch. A delicious brunch of cucumbers, carrots, and hummus, vegan sausage and coffee and delicious mango/champagne, and guava/champagne. Though it was hot and sticky, the brunch was a delight and the conversation refreshing.
Things changed however; at about 2:30 thick gray clouds started rolling in and the chilled eerie air settled around us. By 3:30 our entire backyard was flooded.
The creek that runs behind our house must have been pretty full from the days of rain before, and as I sat on my bed and looked out our back window, waves were rushing down the corridor behind our house and the yard quickly began to fill up. All in all I think we had 5-6 inches, but no real damage, just a lot of leaves and debris. Thankfully the little veggies were only pummeled by rain, not swept away by the flood waters! My yarrow, on the other hand, may not be so lucky. Summer has been pretty exciting so far.

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